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Hi, I'm Madison.

And I'm a photographer.
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I take photos of people, places, and things.

I capture moments, translate customer experiences, create connections, and show genuine emotions all through this beautiful medium called photography. 

Years in Business

Hours Photo Editing (At least what it feels like to me...)

Number of shoots

Some might confuse me with your brand strategist, your digital marketer, your business consultant, your sister, your bridesmaid, your fun aunt, your friend….

But the point is – you and me? Well, we’re a team. A team where you realize you need photography in some kind of  way, and I tell you,

“I gotcha covered. Let’s talk about how we want this to look.”

What does Branding Photography Even mean?

So you’ve built this big beautiful business, but now what? Hint: It rhymes with schmarketing. Because if you’re not pushing out consistent, high-quality content that represents the brand you’ve worked so hard to create, how will your business grow? Photography is a huuuuge part of any social media strategy, website, and advertising. So let’s make something that fits YOU. 

Your Family is unique

Don’t you agree? For every family session, I strive to capture the essence of your family quirks, your personalities, and what makes your family YOUR family. You are perfect in your imperfectness. Let me show you what I see…

So you said Yes??

Ahhhhh! I know this time is exciting and fun and romantic and…stressful. But one breath at a time. Your wedding day is going to be puuuuuuuuurfect. And I’m here to help! It’s my job to make sure you look your absolute best, feel amazing, and guide you through the day. A wedding day is packed with the most amazing and emotional moments. Moments I can’t wait to show you through my lens. 

The Cabin Christmas Minis

This is it!! We’re here!! We are officially LESS than a week away from Christmas Minis, so I wanted to give some details for the Cabin at Mallard’s Croft!!!  First off, DATE!!! NOVEMBER 3rd, 2019. Secondly, location!! Cabin at Mallard’s Croft 2867 MS-309 North,...

Christmas Minis Tree Farm Prep 2019

Hey hey heyyyyyyyyyy, who's ready to discuss the dirty deets of the Merry Christmas Tree Farm Session?!? First off, DATE!!! NOVEMBER 2nd, 2019. In the event of rain, sessions will be moved to Nov. 17th, same time! Forgot your time??? EMAIL ME ASAP....

Photo PTSD

As a photographer, it’s SO easy to get lost behind the camera. You’re always the one taking the photo, and let’s face it, non-photographers (and some photographers, too...bless their hearts) take the shittiest photos of you.  Back fat?!?! Why didn’t you tell me to...

Remember that time we tried to avoid each other at the store but accidentally made eye contact??

Y’all, where has the time gone? How is it already August? Of 2019?!?! What happened to 2018, let alone half of 2019?? I’ve been gone sooo long from blogging, it’s like I forgot what to do with my hands. Kind of like when you’ve lost touch with a close friend. And you...

Ned and Jennifer’s Pink Palace Wedding

OMG, can you believe we are in 2019?! Holy Cow. And already I feel behind!!! (Especially on wedding blogging! Eeek.)   I have a wedding from allllllll the way back in October that I want to gush about. I know it's taken me forever to get this up on the blog, but since...



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