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Hi, I'm Madison.


And I’m a photographer.



Which pretty much means I

capture moments

translate customer experiences

create connections

show genuine emotions

all through this beautiful medium called



Tell me more

Some might confuse me with your brand strategist, your teacher, your digital marketer, your business consultant, your friend….

But the point is – you and me? Well, we’re a team. A team where you realize you need photography in some kind of  way, and I tell you,

“I gotcha covered. Let’s talk about how we want this to look.”

What does Branding Photography Even mean?

So you’ve built this big beautiful business, but now what? Hint: It rhymes with schmarketing. Because if you’re not pushing out consistent, high-quality content that represents the brand you’ve worked so hard to create, how will your business grow? Photography is a huuuuge part of any social media strategy, website, and advertising. So let’s make something that fits YOU. 


We all know the saying. 

I get that, as a business owner (probably not a professional photographer)…learning to photograph your business is one more hat that you weren’t expecting to wear. But sometimes, we don’t have the money to spend on professional photos, the wait time to schedule it and get the photos back, or the confidence to have our photo taken by a stranger in the first place.

Trust me when I say that all of this is fixible…even if there’s not a “creative bone in your body.” Girl, please. Let me teach you how to see YOUR business through your own lens.

Do you ever stare at a blank screen, stressing over what kind of photos to post for your business?

Find out in 60 SECONDS the BEST types of photos for your brand personality!

Corona Crazy

In this time of panic and Corona craziness, I will not lie to you. It’s been hard. Hard to show up, hard to put on a smile and make small talk, and hard to support other small businesses financially when mine is struggling too.    I’ll admit. I’m in a weird transition...

Working with Window Light

Howdy y'all! So this is a little video from back during Christmas time...as you can tell with my xmas tree up. BUT, have no fear. It has nothing to do with Christmas.    It's all about windows, light, and making the best photo in a low light situation. Here's how it...

Welcome To My New Vlog On Branding Through Photography!

Y'all, I'll be straight with you. I started a VLOG. And it's allllllll about branding and photography for business owners.   Here's my first episode where I pretty much just discuss where I'm hoping to go with this vlog and what branding means to your business....

Fake Smiles

I remember the first time I took my own photos of myself. I had this sweat inducing fear of being in front of the camera. Of not knowing what I looked like. Of not being sure what to do with my hands. It’s pretty similar to the fear I still get when I record myself...

Shadows Are Sexy

My dad was a photographer. And in case you didn’t know, he was realllllllly great at shooting product photography, specifically reflective metals. The reason this is so hard to photograph is because anytime you actually try to shoot the product, it reflects back...

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