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Is your business like a shitty diet?

Is your business like a shitty diet?

Let me ask you – have you ever tried Paleo? What about Atkins? Keto? Gluten-free? Whole 30?   How about pretty much ANY other shitty diet you could ever think of? ​ “All you need to do is this bull shit diet and then exercise for just an hour a day and, you know,...



Have you ever heard a photographer gush about light?? I can’t even deny it. We’re kind of pretentious about it.   The light!! Oh dahling, the light on your face is to DIE FOR. (Because we say things like “dahhhhling” in a ridiculous Moira Rose accent.) We can’t...

Web Design 101 with Shannon Gross

Web Design 101 with Shannon Gross

When I met Shannon and started talking to her about web design for my own website, I knew I had to have her come live in my group to answer all of my web questions. If you’re anything like me, the website is a HUGE source of frustration and confusion. Of course you...

Pinterest. Let’s talk basics!

Pinterest. Let’s talk basics!

Is it just me or does social media just overwhelm you?? There's always something to do, something to post, more to learn, blah blah blah. How do you even keep up??   And now, word on the street is that Pinterest is WHERE WE NEED TO BE!!   But I am le tired....


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