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The Wedding Issue

Yay! The Wedding Issue of Click Magazine is out! I may be a month late posting it...uhwhoops, but that does not make it any less awesome! So Yen Studios shot the cover and fashion spread, which I am about to show you. Maybe y'all know this already, but Yen Studios is...

The Vendor Scoop on DJs

The Vendor Scoop on DJs

I hope you all enjoyed my very first Vendor Scoop post last week! If you didn't get a chance to check it out, here it is! This week, we are here with the amazing Jimmy Harris from DeepBlu Entertainment. I’m gonna be straight up with you folks. I used him for my...

Maddie Moree – that’s me!

Maddie Moree – that’s me!

If you were familiar with Weddings by Yen Studios, you may be wondering what Maddie Moree is, right? And what happened to Weddings by Yen Studios? Weddings by Yen Studios is being restructured and rebranded, and Maddie Moree is taking it's place. This new company is a...

The Christmas Lull

The Christmas Lull

Ya know, sometimes days just suck. We try to push the Thirsty Thursday philosophy, but let me tell you, it doesn’t always work! Lesbihonest here (haha, Pitch Perfect, anyone? Anyone?)’s almost winter time, which is super gloomy. Literally, the sun is like in...

Glitz and Grind In the Making

Glitz and Grind In the Making

We just finished our December Click Fashion spread at the amazing Cadre building in downtown Memphis! Magazines are in stores now, and I wanted to show some of our new and interesting lighting, settings, and the spread in general! The theme of this month's magazine is...


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