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Life in Focus: Trapped

You know that "trapped" feeling?   That OH DEAR GOD - I HAVE NO ESCAPE ROUTE, NO PLAN B feeling that makes your palms instantly sweat and a wave of nausea sets in is what I'm talking about. Then for me, I take it a step further and my brain starts catastrophizing...

Memphis Wedding Photography: Ryan and Chandler

Memphis Wedding Photography: Ryan and Chandler

Wooooooohoooooooooo!!! It's Friday, y'all!!! And I am so stinkin' excited to FINALLY show you this super sweet wedding from forever ago. I loved loved loved shooting Ryan and Chandler's wedding day! Their décor was out of this world, and their schedule for the wedding...

Shelby Forest Session Prep

Shelby Forest Session Prep

Hey heyyyyyyy y'all. It's time to start getting prepped for the Shelby Forest Christmas Mini session with a vintage airstream! This session, we are shooting at Shelby Forest in Millington, TN! This is a hair farther out, so please plan accordingly to arrive there....

Christmas Tree Farm Session Prep

Christmas Tree Farm Session Prep

Heeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy! It's Tuesday, and we are just a FEW DAYS AWAY from the Christmas Mini Session on Oct. 28th!!! The session is THIS SATURDAY at MERRY CHRISTMAS TREE FARM in Nesbit, MS.  Here is the address: 1890 Getwell Rd, Nesbit, MS 38651 Your phone GPS should take...

Christmas Minis 2017

Christmas Minis 2017

Yes...It's THAT time of year again! Time for CHRISTMAS MINIS! Yay!!!!! Locations and details have been FINALIZED. I'm so happy to tell you that I have these dates book for these themes: Oct. 21st at Shelby Farms Beaver Lake. Fall Themed. Oct. 28th at Merry Christmas...


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