Bo and Lauren

Woo! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to show some fun Bride/Groom pictures from Lauren and Bo’s July reception!

Let me preface this with how much I love shooting at the Lichterman Nature Center! For couples looking to get married there, I think it’s an AWESOME option with the rustic/stone building and the beautiful wooded areas, not to mention the pretty lake there. There were so many BEAUTIFUL scenes there to capture Lauren and Bo…I swear the backgrounds just melt in your mouth like butter. I think that’s the photographer in me, but whatever.

Anyhoo, back to Lauren and Bo. Those two: so sweet, reserved, fun, funny, and loving each other! And get this…they actually randomly met at a Starbucks!!

Can you just imagine?? Getting your daily caffeine fix, and BAM, it happens. You both reach for the cream. She moves her hand back with a shy smile, they lock eyes, and months later – MARRIED! Hey, I’m not saying that’s how it happened, but if you think about it…that is kinda how it happens. It’s just you, living your life and going through your routine. And likewise for the other person. Until one day you meet. Suddenly your routine becomes y’all’s routine, and you decide you’re better as a unit than separate. Gah, I sound like a sap, but I just love it.

Anyways, they got married back in January but decided to have a fun reception in July to celebrate with friends and family. It was hot and I was completely drenched in sweat, but it kinda reminds me of Kenny’s country song…”everything gets hotter when the sun goes down…” Haha!!

The reception was intimate and rustic. He wore cowboy boots. She wore blingy pearly shoes (I LOVED them). Introducing the Neilans!! 6 months later, just some cutie newlyweds.

Give me the deets! Yeah, I said it.    Details dress and flowers

Meet Bo…

Hey Bo! How’s it going?

Groom memphis wedding

Meet Lauren!

Heeeey, Lauren!

Bride Memphis Wedding

Now…meet Bo and Lauren together!! Eeee, so cute! Are you looking at her shoes?? 🙂Lichterman Nature Center Bridege WeddingMemphis wedding photographer outdoor wedding

Black and white pictures just add such a drama I can’t even explain. Like it really is a moment frozen in the past. Whereas things in color, it’s almost like you’re still watching it happen or something. Hmm, hard to explain. Anyone else feel me here?

Bride Groom Memphis Photography

The sweetness. <3

Rustic Reception Memphis

The long chats. You know, with your best friend.

Bride Twirl

Her dress. I swear, it just twirled in the most attractive way!

Red Bridge Bride Groom Wedding

Here they are, chillin’ on a bridge.

LaurenBo_070 copy

I’m glad we went on this adventure together. Thanks for hanging with me on this hot July night. 🙂 Wishing y’all the best and happiest future together.


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