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You created this business with your bare hands.

With your blood, sweat, and tears. You worked the grueling looooooong days, spent countless dollars, bought the business cards, and finally opened your doors only to find…Nothing. Crickets. 

Because once you build it, they will come, right??

Of course, everyone will see what a great product it is, rush through the doors demanding all of the goodies you can possibly give them, pay you millions of dollars, and then of course rave about you to all of their rich friends.

That’s a thing, right??

Look. I get it. I WANT this to be the case. But here it is in a nutshell.

You may have a great product or service.

You may be the BEST in the biz.

But until your customers KNOW the why of your business, they will never TRUST you enough to give you their business. 

Which leads me to this point. And you can argue with me all day long, but it all boils down to MARKETING. 

The thing no one ever wants to spend time or money on, and the first thing to take the back burner when you’re tight on cash. We’ve all done it. Because it’s hard, and you don’t know if it will work. You don’t know where to put your money because you’ve had bad experiences in the past, and you aren’t even sure if anyone will care in the first place. 

I hear you. 

For me, I just want to take photos. I want to go to a cool place, meet cool people, and take bitchin’ photos. Then I want to come home and edit those bitchin’ photos and BE DONE. I want to sign, seal, and deliver the product and then call it a DAY! 

Photography is something that brings me to tears. Capturing love on a screen makes me the happiest I think I could possibly be. Seeing the passion someone has for their work, their family, and their lives translated through photos is a true gift. I would LOVE it if this was all I needed to do every day. #goals

But in reality, that would be a job.  And we don’t have a job.

We have a business.

And I can’t just stop at taking the photos and call it a day because I would never be able to find the clients I am most passionate about. 

Which is where marketing comes into play.

Because without marketing, people cannot understand why they should hire me. Have they seen my work? Do they know how bat shit crazy I am about photography? Do they know why I care more about the moments than a shot list? Most importantly, do they trust me?

These questions would be so much easier to answer if we spent any time at all together. But today, we live in a world where texting and social media are the new preferred method of contact and our website is the new first impression, which makes answering these questions that much more crucial.

So what is it going to take for you to be in charge of your brand and how people see you? 

I think now would be the time to tell you that it all starts with some pictures and some words. 

Pictures and words build off of each other. And a really amazing photograph can only be improved by a really amazing story. Because when the photos give your business a face and the words give your business a soul, you have a lot more than an ‘open for business’ sign. 

You have a why. 

And when you have a why, you have a fan. For life. The only question left is…

What story are you wanting to tell?

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