Is your business like a shitty diet

Let me ask you – have you ever tried Paleo? What about Atkins? Keto? Gluten-free? Whole 30?


How about pretty much ANY other shitty diet you could ever think of?

“All you need to do is this bull shit diet and then exercise for just an hour a day and, you know, stop stuffing your face when you think you’re hungry…and you’ll have the body you’ve ALWAYS WANTED. Trust us.”

Well, yeah. No shit Sherlock.

If I could do all of those things, I wouldn’t be in this predicament, right??

But you try it anyways. Because a friend of a friend tried it and had AMAZING success. And now they look really happy on Instagram – of course they’re posting cute photos in tight shirts…that bitch.

And you can’t help but feel a little jealous.

Well if fucking CHERYL (who has ALWAYS been fat, mind you) can lose the weight, then WHY CAN’T I??

So, there you start!

Super motivated. You’ve got this. Tight shirts, here you come. Cheryl’s your true inspiration. If that bitch can do it, so can you, right?

(If you’re one of those people who’s actually happy for other people when they lose weight…you’re probably not going to like me. Just throwing that out there.)

So you eat your first breakfast of kale and air. It’s do-able. Whatever. Breakfast is stupid. Who needs to enjoy that anyways? Not like it starts your day off right or anything like that.

Then lunch – you know, a salad. Yummm. Because you haven’t had one of those in forever. Dare I say it? That was damn-right refreshing.

Then dinner – another salad. Well, that first one wasn’t enough. I’m so glad I got to have another. I’m just a lucky bitch, breathing this air the good Lord gave me. Etc, etc.

You repeat for approximately three days, and then you’re officially a hangry bitch. You’re standing in the work cafeteria staring at a personal pizza, unintentionally drooling. Your lunch salad that is sitting in your Walmart bag looks pitiful and does absolutely NOTHING to help this situation.

Finally, after careful deliberation, you come up with a damn good justification that you deserve this. Your boss has been a turd the last few days, not to mention you’ve been really good on your diet, and of course, the weather is super cold, AND…AND (cherry on top) you’re about to start your period… So pretty much, this pizza is really just your way of showing yourself some well-deserved “self-care.” You even reason that you’ll JUST EAT half of the pizza so it’s not a total loss.

It started with good intentions, only to be torpedoed by a mediocre lunch pizza that was great and awful at the same time.

Yeah, you didn’t just eat half…

(Not like I’m speaking from experience or anything.)

Do you ever feel that way with your business?

You have these GREAT plans. Plans that are going to make you ONE MILLION dollars (Yes, that was in a Dr. Evil voice). Strategies that Cheryl did (fucking Cheryl), and now she’s making 7 figures, has perfect hair, and drives a Tesla.

So then you do the same thing because you want the same life, but it’s not working…for you.

Maybe you’re broken. Maybe you’re lazy. Maybe you’re meant to always be a broke bum.

All the things that flash through your mind when you realize that Cheryl made it happen, but you couldn’t and you don’t know why.

Business, like a diet, HAS to be something you can do consistently and repeatedly…a lifestyle, if you will. And how are you supposed to create a consistent, repeatable process if you’re doing some crazy intense shit that’s hard for real people to actually stick to?

If you don’t resonate with the person who can eat kale everyday for breakfast, you’re setting yourself up for burnout, resentment…and failure when you go for the extreme.

So, before we start YET ANOTHER diet, why don’t we work on defining a lifestyle?

You’re going to be seeing a lot more content on defining a business lifestyle and a brand personality…and a lot less on branding photography and photography in general. We’re at the beginning of a new, exciting stage where much is undefined, many details to be worked out, several lead magnets to be created, and quite a few website pages to be rewritten.

But it’s new. It’s exciting. And it ain’t a diet.


Till next time.




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