Christmas Minis – What’s that?


Whenever I hear Christmas Minis, I think of those little cinnamon roles from Burger King. Ohhhhh back in the day. And while those were really amazing, that is NOT what I’m talking about when I say Christmas Minis.

Christmas Minis are short, 15 minute or 30 minute photo sessions that are GREATTTTTTT for Christmas cards, Hanukkah cards, holiday cards in general, short engagement sessions, family portrait sessions, pet sessions…really, you name it! It’s a time for you to get the photos you need in shorter sessions than I normally offer.

Not to mention my other family portrait sessions require you to purchase the digital files separately. Christmas minis are a time where you DON’T have to choose. You get them ALL!!!!!

They only come around once a year…mayyyyyyybe twice if we do a spring mini session. So check out below to see if Christmas minis are a good idea for you!

Christmas Minis are for you if…


  • You’re the kind of family that wants new photos of your family but you don’t want a whole hour long session.
  • You want a fun themed Christmas shoot but don’t want to pay for all of the setup costs.
  • You want original themes, props, styles, and locations for your Christmas cards.


I could gush about Christmas Minis all day. They’re fun. They’re easy. You show up in your cute fall/Christmas outfits, take photos for 15 minutes, and…that’s it. I’ll go home and edit as fast as my little fingers can take so everyone can have their photos in ONE WEEK, which gives you plenty of time to have your cards made! 😀 😀 😀 

So now that we all know what Christmas Minis are, let’s talk about the session details!


The following dates and prices are for MEMPHIS, TN

  • 15 minute sessions are $175+tax.
  • 30 minute sessions are $275+tax. 

Nov 2nd: Tree farm photos at Merry Christmas Tree Farm 8am-6pm

Props I will bring: Christmas lights, red wagon, blanket, Christmas Wreath, and wrapped presents…

Nov 3rd: CHRISTMAS LIFESTYLE photos at Mallard’s Croft! 11am-4:30pm

Y’all I’m super stoked to announce this session. I have rented an adorable white cabin with a red door. We will get Christmas porch shots that are going to be adorable and then we have the inside of the cabin for Christmas lifestyle photos. Options for photos would be…pj photos in bed or by the tree, decorating the treemaking christmas cookiesunwrapping gifts, possibilities are endless!! We ONLY have 15 minutes per session, unless you do 30 minutes, which I highly recommend. For 15 minute sessions, pick ONE scene in the house. For a 30 minute session, pick 2. 

Now, because of the location, the cabin is situated on a GORGEOUS property with trees, a barn, hills. Y’all will looooooove it! There will be many options great backgrounds, trust me. The photos will NOT disappoint.

That being said, it’s a teensy bit far out. But super worth it off the Byhalia exit and 385 at Mallard’s Croft. Directions to come.

Props I bring: Christmas Tree, Christmas lights, red wagon, red and black blanket, wreath, and wrapped presents…(not to be opened. Bring your own presents if you want kiddos to open them). Just an FYI, pets will not be allowed in the cabin. You can bring them for the outdoors shots, but they MUST be on a leash. There are dogs on the property that are protective of ducks…Bring pups at your own risk.

Book your Memphis Session here! 

The following dates and prices are for Denver/Boulder, CO area!

  • 15 minute sessions are $175+tax.
  • 30 minute sessions are $275+tax. 

Nov 10th: Chautauqua Park

Props I will bring: Christmas lights, blanket, Christmas Wreath, Christmas Tree

This session will be in the foreground of the flatirons and is pretty much an open field. There’s gorgeous tall brown grass, an awesome mountain behind you and just imagine a cute little Christmas tree that we can play with! 

Book your Denver Session here!

Let’s get into the FAQs!

1. What all is included?

— All of your high resolution images for print. Images will be color corrected and edited, and I do not limit the files I deliver. I take what I can in the amount of time we have, and I deliver all of the images that are acceptable! Some photographers only do like 10 edited files. Well, not here sista! You get them allllllllllll. Additionally, I will retouch ONE photo (object removal from background, make you look thinner (yes for me please. lol), take out some wrinkles, etc) for your card. 30 minute sessions get 2 retouched photos!

2. Can I bring my pets?

For the tree farm, YES!! Please bring them! Just bring a leash, treats, and baggies to clean up after them! If you want them in your holiday cards, then I want to photograph them for your holiday cards! 

For the Cabin, you can, but they MUST BE ON A LEASH.  And they cannot come inside the cabin. They can only be there for the porch photos and outdoor photos. There are other dogs on the property that are protective of some of the animals on the land, so bring your pups at your own risk. 

For Chautauqua Park, YES! Just bring a leash, treats, and baggies to clean up after them! 

3. I did the Christmas sessions last year. Can I get a discount??

–YES!!! Past brides and past xmas mini clients will receive a 10% discount (YES, this includes Yen Studios brides as well). Email or message me to book your spot today. Spots are FIRST COME FIRST SERVE.

4. What about rain??

–In the event of rain, the Tree farm session will be rescheduled for November 17th. There will not be a reschedule date for the lifestyle photos. And depending on amount of rain, we will still be able to use the cabin. Since I am now located in Denver, CO, I am traveling for these sessions. Therefore, if it rains both of these days, I will refund the money less the credit card processing fees I have to pay through the invoicing system. If you pay by check/bank transfer instead of a card, you will receive a full refund in the event of rain.

In the event of rain for November 10th session, we will reschedule for NOVEMBER 24TH, same time same place.

5. Payment?

Payment is due in full at the time of booking. After you sign up for the session location and time slot, I will send an online invoice for you to pay by check, card, or bank transfer. Payment is non-refundable and must be paid in full before the session. If for some reason you cannot make your time slot, you can apply this amount to a different photography session (mini or regular) or schedule a spot during my Spring Mini Sessions. I still have family and several clients in Memphis that I travel back regularly for, so I can definitely schedule a session that works for both of us.

6. Do you sell cards too??

–Yes!! I do have Christmas cards for sale. I will have samples to show you at the session and you can order through me or on your own. If on your own, I have discount codes for Mint. Inquire at the session. 

7. What should I bring??

–Just bring yourselves! If you have babies/kiddos, I’m a huge fan of bribing! The sessions are only 15 minutes, so keep that in mind for good behavior. If you wrap it pretty, we can even open it as part of the photos…that would be cute! If you are bringing pets, bring: treats, leash, and baggies. Also, bring ANY props you’d like in the photos (ie. blankets, signs, scarves, ornaments, etc.). I will have a cute red and black blanket that can be used as a prop!

8. Turnaround time??

–I know y’all are most likely sending these out for holiday cards. Soooooo, I will be delivering these in ONE WEEK, booya. Merry Christmas! <3

9. Delivery??

–I will be sending the photos out in a password protected online gallery. You can download your images from there!

10. Wait, where are all of the places?

–Nesbit (right outside of Southaven), MS and Byhalia, MS (right off of 385). Don’t worry, I will be sending out more information to explain locations, meet up points, and what to wear. Sooooo, hang tight!! Just decide on the date and location that works for you, and we will figure out the rest! 

-Chautauqua park is located in South Boulder! 

11. Can I bring my parents? Or can I pair up with my bro/sis and their families?

–YES! Bring anyone you want in photos! I’m super flexible here! If you decide to go in on a session with your siblings and their families, I recommend booking a 30 minute session so y’all each have 15 minutes. I’ll take a big group shot, and then divide y’all up by family units!


I can’t WAIT for this year’s minis! I think there will be a ton of new and different shots we can get, and it will be AWESOME.


Check out my page for MEMPHIS signup times here! 

DENVER Signup times HERE! 

I will be updating these regularly, so times should be pretty accurate. I can’t wait to make this year’s minis the best YET!!





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