Is your editing consistent? And how do you fix it if it’s not?


Let me ask you a question. Have you ever wondered what makes you connect with one photographer over another?


Sure, it might be personality. It might be the actual photo. Or it may actually be how you EDIT the photo.


A lot of people don’t think about the editing as a part of your personality or even a part of your brand…but in the photography world, editing is AS important as the actual photo.


Taking the photo is just the first step, and then the editing is the presentation. It’s the makeup on a face. It’s the clothes you wear. And it’s your style and who you are. All of this to say…it should definitely coincide with your brand and personality. 

Editing more true to color
Editing examples with brown filter

There is value to showing up consistently, not just in how often you post, but also the look of your post.


If while looking through your Instagram grid (though this holds true for any other platform), you find that your photos are stylistically alllllllll over the place with a million different filters, mixing light pics and dark pics, and crazy colors with subtle colors…your customers start to think you’re all over the place, too…and not just with your photos. (If you catch my drift.)

Just take a look at a few of my favorite influencers who have their editing on point!

Christina Galbato darker feed
Lindsay Silberman lighter Insta feed
Paige Arminta Brown feed

Are you seeing the consistency within these feeds?

I know what you may be thinking…How do I make my feed more consistent??


Wellllllll, one easy way is through presets! 


Wait, Madison. What the heck are presets??


Presets are 1-click editing tools that apply certain settings in Lightroom to create certain effects on your photos.

Take this landscape, for example. It has been edited 3 different times to give 3 different feels.

All about that base editing true to color
Dark Velvet Moodier Color
Morning Coffee brown filter

I love using presets because: 1. They’re super fast. One click and you’re pretty much done with the image. 2. It gives you the SAME effect every time. Sure, you can do it by hand, but it definitely allows you to keep it consistent with one look that your customers will come to know and recognize when seeing your content. 


So, if you’re not really sure what all of the editing terms mean…presets can be a good starting point and then go from there. Sure, try on a few editing styles at first and see what fits your brand the best. But then? Pick something. And stick with it.

Once you’ve decided on your style, try adding variety with the actual photo contents rather than the editing.


And if you’re looking for a good preset set that gives you a little bit of everything in terms of look and feel, check out my Easy Sunday Morning Preset pack. Because editing should be Easy…Like Sunday Morning. 😉


Till next time!



PS: In case you wanted to see how I actually edited the landscape above, here’s a screen recording! Enjoy!

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