Picture this…

I want you to close your eyes and imagine you’ve had a really awful, no good, dirty-rotten, pig-stealing day. (Anyone read that as a kid??) You come home, collapse on your couch, and think to yourself you don’t know HOW you will wake up tomorrow and do the same damn thing again. And then your fiancé walks in, sees you laying, quite honestly, like a pathetic lump on the couch, pours you a glass of wine and then sits next to you. Just out of nowhere, you take a sip of wine rest your head on their chest and life just got a little better. Has that ever happened to you?

Ok, now imagine that you just got a RAISE! You run home, see your man or lady, and jump up and down screaming how awesome it is. They give you the best, most supportive hug in the world. And then you start dancing…right there in the kitchen. He gives you a twirl and a dip, and both of you think subconsciously that THIS is what the rest of your life will be like. You smile in gratitude and give each other a kiss. That is what your partnership will do for you. Celebrate with you when you are up, and support you when you are down.

Dancing Couple

Imagine this is in your kitchen

That “spot” on his chest that is “your spot” where you rest your head when you guys are laying on the couch watching tv, the automatic hand holding that occurs when you walk from the parking lot to the grocery store, and the goofy jokes you always make when you see something in particular…that’s YOU. That is who you are as a couple, and why you two are not like your bffs or your parents, or your neighbors, etc. You two together are completely unique and those little nuances are what set your pictures apart from everyone else’s.

As a photographer, I can shoot a different couple, on the same bench in the same park, from the same angle, and it will be a completely different picture. One couple is laughing at each other, the other is laying their head on their chest, and the other is smiling.


Other couple, same location

same location

First couple, same location

Completely different feel

And isn’t that what you want from your wedding day photography? To not only document the events and get those great family pictures, but to also show who you are as a couple? To not only remember what happened, but how that made you feel? And to not only know that you love your spouse, but to also see it on your face? Just something to think about the next time you remember why you’re with who you’re with and what that looks like for the Johns and Janes of the world. Turns out they aren’t so Doe after all.


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