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As a business owner looking to mayyyyyyybe dive into the “photography thing” to promote your business, have any of these thoughts ever run through your mind?


I have no idea what to shoot.

I don’t know what I’m doing.

I hate getting my photo taken.

Don’t worry. Everyone starts exactly here, so you’re not alone.


Step 1: What’s my brand?

Madison with a cameraMaybe you don’t start off asking yourself this question, but identifying the who/what/when/where/ and most definitely WHY of my business is the starting point to creating any photos that can actually do something to your business. 

Branding photos require a little something different. They require you to look at your business from your customer’s point of view. 

Ahhhh, but that’s so difficult relating to your customer’s perspective because you’re too “in” the business and can only see it from the “expert’s” point of view. Or maybe you don’t even know who your customer is (No judgement here. It’s hard.) so you end up posting just a picture of your product and calling it a day.

All because someone said you need to post more on social media. Which usually results in us throwing a bunch of random shit at the wall to see what sticks with pretty low engagement and/or sales from our audience. Has anyone else ever been there, done that?

Whether you’re a beginner OR a veteran business owner, you need a strategy behind the photos. Otherwise you’re using photos without purpose, which is kinda like going to an unknown location without a map.


Step 2: Camera and Lighting Basics.

Stock camerasSo, once you have the “road map” of where you’re going, then comes the “how am I going to get there?” aspect. Aka, the technical side of taking actual photos.

Before we start freaking out that we’re not creative enough or tech savvy enough or don’t understand composition enough…or whatever that limiting belief is telling you that you’re not good enough…stop.


Listen to me tell you… 


You are smart. You are capable. And you are enough


The rest will come. I will help you. I promise.


The technical side can be confusing. But like anything you’re just starting, take it one step at a time. So we start at the beginning with the basics and move on from there. As you get better with a camera, your eye will change. The moments that you capture will get better. When you start seeing the vision you had in your head translate to your own photo……………watch out! The creativity you’re cultivating is addictive.


And then there’s step 3. Getting in front of the camera. 



I feel like every time I schedule a photo session, my client tells me before we even start:

I hate getting my picture taken.

I need to lose weight.

Can you make me look younger?

Quirky brandingAnd you know what, I can’t even blame her. I felt the same way about myself. (Thanks to the crazy consumer industry setting impossible standards for women. A story for a different day. lol) 

I hated getting my photo taken too…until I saw a damn good photo of myself that I was actually proud of.

Everyone has a good pose SOMEWHERE. We just have to find it. Which means we have to try a million different bad poses and angles to see what works for you


Once you get some solid photos of yourself under your belt, the confidence comes…and so does the comfort of getting in front of the camera.

Let’s work together so you can learn how to take your own photography for your business…

Branding Bootcamp

This online bootcamp is designed for business owners, new and veterans, to learn the ins and outs of branding photography to start taking ALL of the photos needed to market their business and look professional.


Live Workshops

In Denver only. These are fun 3-hour workshops that go over the key steps to start your business branding photos with branding 101, camera basics, and posing instruction. 

1-1 Coaching

In Denver only. In person coaching is priced per hour. We come up with a shoot concept together. I watch you shoot, give you advice and critique, show you how I shoot the same subject, and then we edit the images together.

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