When I was a little girl, we never had family photos.


Do you know the saying ‘the plumber has leaky pipes…’? Well, then you can imagine the number of photos we had around the house as a family since my dad was a photographer.


And when he passed away when I was 24, the idea that we had no family photos since I was a kid and we will never have photos of the four of us again was…heartbreaking. I remember thinking, “Where did the time go? It just happened so fast.”


I know that took a huge turn from happy-go-lucky “loving my little family” family photos to sad “you never know what could happen” family photos. But bear with me.


I just want you to know WHY family photos, and family for that matter, rank so high on my list.


Wedding and engagement photography is all about the couple at the beginning. The joining of two people to create one unit.


Family photography shows the next step – the middle. And the middle is usually messy and often unpredictable.

It’s easy to overlook because we don’t have some glamorous ONE day event that we’ve been preparing for since…well, since forever. But in reality, the little details and the small moments that make up your day-to-day will be the things you remember (and miss) the most.


So when I’m photographing a family, I look at the way y’all interact…together. The looks that y’all share, the inside jokes that you giggle at, how your kids reach for your hand and somehow…you just know…and reach for theirs too. When you smell their hair as they sit on your lap and their goofy smile when you tickle them. You know.


All of those things that make you YOU.


I have two goals for family portraits.

1. To get ONE solid “worthy of the wall” portrait that makes you proud.

and then…

2. To capture a hundred other little moments that make you want to kiss your spouse and hug your kids tighter.


Family portrait sessions are typically 1 hour sessions in Denver and surrounding areas.

If you’re thinking an hour may be too long for you, I also host Christmas and Fall mini sessions (20-minute sessions) each year in the Denver area.


The family portrait sitting fee is $199 for 1 hour. Prints, files, and albums are not included and will be ordered at a separate viewing session. Just email me for pricing! madison@madisonyen.com



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