Have you ever heard a photographer gush about light?? I can’t even deny it. We’re kind of pretentious about it.


The light!! Oh dahling, the light on your face is to DIE FOR. (Because we say things like “dahhhhling” in a ridiculous Moira Rose accent.)

We can’t LOSE the light!!

We HAVE to shoot at Golden Hour or the photos will just…suck.


(Ok, that last one was all me. I should turn it into a hashtag. lol)


But why do we freak out about light so much? What’s the deal with light that has photographers all in a tizzy???


Like anything good that you want more of and can never get enough of…


It’s fleeting.


One minute it’s amazing. And the next, it’s gone. Boy, if that ain’t a metaphor for life if I ever heard one.


I took this photo today of my bedroom wall. The sun was shining perfectly through my window with some cool diagonal shadows from the blinds, and it was a gorgeous golden-y color. Within ten minutes, it was gone.

Light coming through the blinds

Just like that.

But that’s the thing with anything fleeting. You can’t just “come back to it later.” The moment won’t be there.

So, I guess this is my little PSA that the next time the light is hitting you JUST right, or you’re witnessing a particularly gorgeous sunset with your person, or your little one starts giggling because she sees a dancing light reflection on the wall…don’t wait to take the photo.


Moments like those are inevitable.


The question is…are you going to be ready to capture them?​

Till next time.




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