Maddie's October Fitness Challenge

Ok, time for some truth talk, ladies. Your wedding is coming up in NO time! You are about to have your final fitting for your dress, and you’d really like to be able to breathe as you say your vows. Time is ticking, pressure is building, and stress eating is NOT an option!! Does this sound familiar?


So, how do you lose those last stubborn pounds? Great question. I’m getting there.


Welcome to Maddie’s October Fitness challenge. And I guess it’s super official because I’m posting this publicly for the world to see! (No turning back now. Uh oh.) Accompanied with some before pictures. Eeeeeek. I’m definitely not one to post pictures of myself in a negative way. I’ve always been one of those girls who doesn’t ask the “have I gained weight??” question because you NEVER ask questions to which you already know the answer or don’t really WANT the truthful answer. I mean, that is just setting your man up to fail! So that being said, let’s not address the before pictures…

 October Fitness Challenge

Actually, wait I do want to say something about these pictures. I HATE my posture in this side pic. I think it’s poor body language, and that is ALSO added to the list for this challenge. And think about it brides, if you are slouching on your wedding day, it’s not as attractive. We have to SHOW our confidence! And standing up straight something I’m going to work on.

I’m just glad I have my other friends, Alexandra and Joelle, taking a similar challenges, to help me with accountability! Let’s do it!

Anyways, as y’all already know, I’ve been married a little over a year, and I’m a little late to be losing weight a month before my wedding. However, I’m coming at this from a slightly different angle. Some of you ladies may find this to be true that right after the I do’s, there was the honeymoon (an all-inclusive resort). And after the honeymoon (a buffet of eat and drink), you return back to your normal life of *dum dum DUMMMMMMMMM*…carbs. No longer in the bridezilla mode, and possibly returning back to old habits (yes I’ll have another). So for all that weight you did lose before the wedding, it – well- kinda came back. Which is where I’m chilling right now. In that pre-engagement normal. But wouldn’t it be nice if my *pre-wedding* weight was my new normal??


For the bride-to-be’s and the newlyweds, this post is a lose weight before the wedding, or losing the weight you gained back from after the wedding (in my case).


For the month of October, I am participating in a month long challenge of kicking my extra pounds to the curb with MEMPHIS FITNESS KICKBOXING. BOOM! POW! OUCH! That was the sound of me kicking my pounds, and they said, “Ouch!” In case you were wondering.


I don’t really have a weight goal. I think it’s misleading because some of that could be muscle. I have more of a size goal, which is to drop a size. And after this challenge, I’m gonna get back into my wedding dress!! I’ll post pics of that too. 🙂 Just y’all wait!

I plan on going 3 times a week, depending on how sore I am for 5 weeks. I know that’s a little longer than a month, but I’ll be out of town at the end of Oct, so some of it will bleed into November.


Just so we are clear, I’m not a HUGE fan of exercise. It’s okay……at best…

My favorite kind of workouts are the ones that don’t feel like you’re actually exercising. Do y’all feel the same way?

I used to play competitive tennis as a teen. Tennis wasn’t really exercise, it was something to compete in, which got me going! Nowadays, I love practicing hot yoga (vinyasa), but I am not a fanatic or go every day. I like hot yoga because you sweat so much. It feels like you achieve more. Lol


For food, I will probably continue to eat what I normally do, but maybe cut back on some pasta and beer…. If my diet changes, I’ll keep you posted so nothing is misleading.

So here is the intro to the challenge. I have already taken 1 class. I had to take off a few days because my calf muscles hate me. :/ I’ll post more on my challenge soon.


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