Little Boat in Delaware River Philadelphia

When I tell some people that I’m from Memphis, they ask me, “Why?” Which always makes me kinda laugh. Because maybe people do not see all that Memphis has to offer, but everyday, I get to look at the Mississippi River. And maybe the sunsets are not always this gorgeous and colorful, but they always make me feel grateful to live in a place where I can walk up to my rooftop and see a view like this. So while Memphis has it’s flaws, it also has amazing potential. Memphis is my home, and I’m proud to be from here. Now, that’s not say I don’t LOVE to travel around the world. But it is to say that whenever I’m away on an adventure, I dream of these sunsets in the Delta. So, stop on by. I’ll show you around my town. We got more than Elvis. We got soul, too.

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