Easy Sunday Morning Presets


Is editing your photos tough stuff?


Figuring out exposure, highlights, white balances, oh my. It's confusing. Not to mention wanting a consistent look and feel to your brand images. Easy Sunday Morning presets are just that...easy. Easy like Sunday where you get to wake up late, mosey through the morning listening to music and hanging with the family.

Sunday Morning Presets come with 6 Lightroom presets to fit any mood, any time of day, and any style of photo. Of course, you can adjust all levels or leave it as is. Easy, right?

1. All about that Base - the perfect base coat to any image you just want to give a boost. It's like that perfect color lipstick that instantly takes your outfit Up. A. Notch.

2. Milk - adding a light airy finish to any photo. Imagine a super rich, decadent, warm chocolate brownie. Yum. Now add a glass of ice cold...water. What?! Is that satisfying? Noooooo. Of course, add a glass of ice cold milk to wash it down.

3. Milky Matte - the Milk style with a matte overlay. Oooo lala, it's smooth like butta and calms down any image. I almost imagine this preset to go in slow motion. Try it on darker photos for a really rich finish to really get you drooling.

4. Morning Coffee - a warm brown effect to add mood and a je ne sais quoi. You might be wondering...before coffee, who are you? Who is anybody? What is the world? After coffee, the answer is simple. You are you. Anybody can be anybody. And the world is a magical place. A lot changes with some coffee.

5. Dark Velvet - deep colors, darker moods, bold statements. I always thought of a heavy red wine to have a description like dark velvet. Bold taste, with notes of chocolate, tannin, and a dark velvet finish. A glass of dark velvet to wind down the weekend. Or maybe two.

6. R&BW - The most satisfyingly rich black and white preset to transform any image from a simple snapshot to a memory. It's got soul and a heaviness to it, I don't know. It's hard to describe with words. It may be easier to play a little tune.

Need help downloading and installing your presets??


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