So, as you guys may know or have gathered…my husband and I like to put festive hats on my dog, Bears, and then take photos of him.


He actually doesn’t hate it as much as you’d think. Honestly, I think it makes him feel kinda fancy, so he doesn’t take them off. Not to mention, he’s a natural in front of the camera. Lol

Of course for Christmas time, we had to get a LITTLE festive. (What else are we going to do during COVID life?!?!)


Let me introduce to you…SANTA BEARS!

Santa Bears 1
Santa Bears 2
Santa Bears 4
Santa Bears 3
Santa Bears 5

Ok, so you may be thinking that this is a shameless excuse for a blog post just to show silly photos of my dog wearing weird hats. And you would be right. I mean, helloooooooo. Have you seen him in the hats? It’s hilarious.


BUT, there is another purpose for this post as well.




That’s right. I’m challenging YOU to take a photo of your pet.


Gasp?! Take photos?! Who?? Me?!?!


Hell yes, girlfriend. You’re on my site, reading this blog where I give you photo tips and teach you how to take your own branding photos. And sometimes, that results in a challenge where you can give this “photo taking” thing a try, ask questions, and get support when you can’t figure something out. And while you may not think a photo of your pet can be considered branding, I can guarantee you that it is. (Cough cough, have you picked up my 9 Types of Photos You NEED for Your Business yet??) Not to mention these new found skills taking photos of random members in your family can NOT only be used for your business, but also for your personal life as well.


That’s what I call a win-win.


So, what are the rules for the challenge??


1. Hop on over to my facebook group: Branding Through Photography, to request access. It’s free and where I hold all of my lives, answer questions, and moreeee.

2. Post your photo of your pet! Don’t have a pet?? Post a pic of your kiddo? No kiddos? Selfie time, baby!! Don’t forget the hat for extra festivity. It can be Christmas themed or just a random pet photo.

3. You have until Dec. 23rd to post these in the group! Photos with the most likes in the group will get a FREE pack of presets! Wooowoooo!


Your photos will not get better unless you practice. So give it a try. It’s low pressure with high reward!


Let’s do this!


Till next time!