Never Pay For A Photographer Again!

Learn how to take professional photos for your business…with just your iPhone! Without spending a ton of time learning, dealing with the annoying tech frustrations, and needing a “photographer’s eye” OR equipment to make it happen.

SMS staring at your phone

Do you ever…

Stare at your phone trying to figure out what you could possibly post on Instagram (because apparently it’s all about consistency these days), and realize you’ve got…nothing?

Because of course you want to come across as likable, professional, “authentic,” and legit (yes, mom–this is a REAL job). But you’re scrolling through your phone trying to find something – ANYTHING to fit the bill – only to come up short.

And of course, the photographer is quarantined (UGH #corona). And money is tight anyways.

But what if you could take your own photos?

What if you didn’t need a photographer to tell you what is your better side?

What if you knew how to make your photos look…edited?

What if you learned how to work that stupid ring light yourself?

You would never run out of photos again.

Introducing Shooting Made Simple (SMS)

Where I teach you what you NEED to know in order to get the shot. Photograph yourself and your products, no #InstaHusband necessary.

No Crazy Photo

I mean, we’re using our iPhones here. Some of the photo capabilities you already know….some you don’t. 

Quick Videos for Quick Wins

You’re busy. Who has time to watch hours of lessons just to take a decent photo for their business? Watch a video. Make a change. Claim a win.

Sustainable Photography

Create photography that makes your business look legit without hiring a photographer for every social media post.

In this course, you’ll learn…


  • First, the iPhone photo foundations (Because we gotta start somewhere), and without a solid foundation, phone pics can be a total YAWN. YES, there will be information about Androids! 🙂


  • Then, we’ll master some posing that doesn’t make you hate your body. You’d be surprised the little things that can make you look 10 years younger and 10 pounds thinner. Isn’t that always the goal? 😉


  • And of course my secrets to an amazing branding session so you can go into it with a game plan instead of just “winging it,” which really just means countless selfies that don’t say anything at all about your business.


  • Not to mention, how to shoot product photos fit for Instagram. There’s actually a system to it that makes people stop scrolling.


  • As well as a crazy simple way to work with light…no tech experience required. SO many people get this oh SO wrong.


  • And to top it all off, my special methods to editing photos like a pro. Editing is like makeup. It can go amazingly well or terribly wrong. And no one wants the latter when running into their ideal customer at Home Goods.

“I am in LOVE!”

I got Shooting Made Simple and spent the day learning how to take my own brand photos and playing around with it and I am in LOVE! 😍 The course is great and SOOOO affordable. If you are building a brand or just want to learn how to take your own cute photos with your kids (which I TOTALLY did too bc why waste makeup?!) you should check it out!!!

She covers everything— tech stuff, gear, posing, editing, everything!

Gaby Headshot

Gaby, Life and Business Coach

Gaby Shooting Made Simple Testimonial

Bonuses and all that Jazz…


My Easy Sunday Morning Preset Pack

Wouldn’t it be nice to just click a button and have your photo look “edited” just like that? That’s exactly what presets do! In my pack of presets, you have 6 different filters that work on a variety images so you can start editing your images consistently AND easily! This pack of presets mixed with the editing module and cheat sheet leave you prepared to edit anything!!


A Rocking Private Community

Enjoy free access to my private Facebook group with live Q&As to answer all of your questions, tutorials, interviews with experts in the branding field, and community support.


My Personally Vetted Gear Guide

We all know Amazon has a MILLION options for what to buy. It can be…overwhelming. No one wants to spend more than they have to on some shitty gear, which is exactly why I break down exactly what you need, why you need, and what to look for in each piece of equipment before buying.


The Extensive Posing Bundle

I get it. If you don’t like the way you look in photos…you’ll probably not want to be in them. That’s why I created this posing bundle. One guide that breaks down exactly what you need to do to create those flattering angles. And one lookbook that shows you examples that you can apply to your own photos.


An Editing Cheat Sheet

Editing is what makes your photo…professional. But what are all of those weird terms, and how do you do it in the first place? Girllll, I got you covered. In this cheat sheet, I break down all of those terms so you know exactly what to adjust in your photos so you can start working Lightroom like a boss.


Immediate Lifetime Access

This is just the beginning. Yes, you’re walking in at the ground level. I will continue adding to the course content, bonus sections, and phone updates to keep improving the content. And yes, the price will inevitably go up. Grab it now at the introductory price. (It won’t last long!) Sign up today and get immediate access to the course and receive all future updates.


A 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Because when you’re not happy, I’m not happy. Period.

Shooting Made Simple

SMS display options

Shooting Made Simple Includes…

  • 32 core lessons videos on
    • The Foundations of iPhone Photography
    • Mastering the Art of Posing, Shooting, and Product Photography
    • Working with light (Natural and Artificial)
    • Editing Basics (Using Lightroom Mobile or Snapseed App)



  • The Easy Sunday Morning Preset Pack
  • The Posing Bundle 
  • The Editing Cheat Sheet 
  • My Gear Guide 
  • Access to a Private Facebook Community 
SMS Madison Teaching

All for $97





For just $97, you can learn how to take some damn good photos

for your business, all on your iPhone. 




What if I have an Android??

This course does specifically reference the iPhone, however, I added some Android videos to accommodate students with other phones. We talk about burst photos, live photos, and portrait mode photos (“continuous photos,” “motion photos,” and “live focus photos” on the Samsung) in the course. That all being said, this course does have basic iPhone foundations, but it mainly discusses composition, using light, editing, posing, and shooting with any type of phone.


Do I have to buy any equipment?

No. All you need is a window and your phone. There are pieces of gear that I highly recommend to make your life easier and your photos better, but no purchases are required to take photos with your phone. If you decide to purchase any equipment, check out my Gear Guide for recommendations so you don’t buy what you don’t need. All equipment recommendations from the Gear Guide are under $60.


Am I supposed to be in the photos or am I taking the photos?

BOTH! This course is designed to teach you how to take all of the photos you need to market your business, including photos with you in them. So whether you’re a coach, fellow course creator, service provider – or you sell physical products, this course will work for you!


Will I be able to take photos without anyone's help?

Yes! I go over specifically how to set up for solo shoots, the kinds of gear I recommend, and how to set yourself up for success when shooting on your own. Who needs an Instagram husband when you can do it all?!?


Can you tell me about the presets?

Presets are one click editing tools that help create consistency in your editing styles. Ever see those photos that have a brown-ish filter on them? Those are presets. They can definitely save time, but are not necessary to edit photos. My pack of presets are included with the course so you can choose if you want to use them or not!


When will I have access to the course?

Immediately! As soon as you sign up, you will have access to all content immediately so you can get started today. You will also have access to all future updates for the course, and your account will be updated automatically.


What if I don't like it??

I would be so sorry to hear that! If Shooting Made Simple is not your cup of tea, just email me ( within 14 days of your purchase, and I’ll get you taken care of. I have a short survey required for a refund, and once that is filled out, your payment will be refunded.

Sign up today. Because boring photos suck.