Me and my dad

Me and my dad


So for those of you who don’t know, I lost my father a couple of weeks ago. It was very unexpected, and I’m truly heartbroken. He wasn’t just my father. He was my business partner, photography mentor, and one of my very best friends. Especially now, I feel like my whole life has turned upside down.



So naturally, when I think of weddings and wedding photography, I think of the really important moments you have with your dad. The first time he sees his little girl in the prettiest dress in the world. Him walking you down the aisle, making sure you don’t fall, and holding your hand the entire way. Giving you away to your new husband, as your new husband vows to honor and protect you just as your dad did. Not to mention the father-daughter dance at the reception, ahh – such an emotional time. And all of these moments are packed into one big day for you, on top of all the other things going on (cough uniting your life with someone else cough cough).

Now, with a new perspective on life, I feel two things: sadness and love. Sadness because life is so finite. God giveth and God taketh away in a snap of his fingers. You think about life, and it’s never truer than at your father’s funeral that life is a cycle, which inevitably has an end. Of course, you think it will never happen to you because you’ve made some sort of unspoken agreement with God that says, “Hey God, now I promise I won’t shoot people or steal things if you promise not to make my life miserable.” Sometimes that works, and sometimes it doesn’t.

But then I feel love. I feel the love of my family and friends supporting me. I feel the love of my husband. And I believe that the only way to conquer a tragic end is to have so much love that it balances itself out. One extreme to the other. Life is short, yes. So be as happy as you can be right now. And if you have found your soulmate and are planning the most beautiful wedding, then you have something to be so amazingly happy about. I’m officially making it your duty right now – even in this stressful planning stage – to be extremely happy and love more than enough to balance out people who have lost someone close. So hug your dad. And while you’re at it, tell your mom how awesome she is. Because weddings are meant to be a celebration of life, and family, and love. Don’t you think?


With as much love as I can muster…xoxo

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