Vendor Scoop Alex Nicole Bridal makeup

Did y’all know Maddie Moree has the HOOK UP on some bridal makeup? Well, I do. Boom.

Today, I want to feature this fun little video I created with Alexandra Nicole of Adel Amor and City Chic Living Blog! She is an EXCELLENT bridal makeup artist, and I think she has a good eye for what works on people.

In the video, she discusses the two main looks she created from our wedding shoot as well as her awesome makeup line.

I’ll let the video do the talkin’ now and leave you to it.

About the Vendor Scoop:

I created this section of my blog to highlight some of the amazing vendors in the Memphis area and to have them answer questions you, as a bride, want to know! I know the wedding day is more than great wedding photography. It’s creating a team of awesome vendors to make each part of your day work flawlessly together. Vendor Scoop is a way for me to lend you a helping hand and give you tips on vendors that are different from AND local to the Memphis area! For additional information on any of the awesome vendors I talk about, feel free to email me for their information! (



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