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Let me guess…you’re most likely checking out this page because you’re getting married?!?!? Wooooowooooowoooo!

And now you’re looking for a wedding photographer. 

Now, I’m going to make a little assumption…

You want to know if we’ll get along/have similar styles/drink wine together.

Yes? Yes? And more yes?

Can you relate to any/all of the below statements? 

1. I’d rather meet at a bar than a coffee shop. I won’t judge if you won’t.

2. Sex and the City is so freaking relatable to real life. I can’t help but reference certain situations…sorry not sorry. Can you believe that show was shot in the late 90s?? 

3. Listening to T Sweezy makes me bust a move. Haters gonna hate! Just shake it off! 

4. Binge watching netflix constitutes a great date day…you can never just watch one. Next thing you know, the entire day is gone and some ultimate snacking has occurred. (I’m currently watching The Office. Yes, I know it’s ridiculous I haven’t seen it before. I’m working on ittt!)

5. Picture-wise, I care more that me and my fiancé look like ourselves as a couple than some weird pose I found on a blog where we are looking all serious and there’s a weird teepee behind us.

(Ya know, just as an example…But for real, I don’t get those. Is the teepee an alter?? Are we camping? And I just want to ask the bride why she is so unhappy looking when it’s her wedding day?! Because, you know, this isn’t a magazine. It’s your life. And that picture in the long run means a lot LESS when you have other ones like the moment your dad kisses you on the cheek before he walks you down the aisle or like when your mom is holding back tears as she zips your wedding dress…).

I’m about the real, heartfelt moments. Without those, you’re just having a big ol’ party with some cake and a teepee next to it. Ok, end rant.

6. My wedding day will be, without a doubt, a representation of me and my fiancé. Because you know what?! We’re weird. And I like champagne all the time…with all the food. And those hi-low dresses are kinda fucking awesome. And, just so we’re clear, bacon donuts will need to happen at some point in the day.  There’s no judgement and no keeping up with the Joneses here because life’s too short and what we’re jonesin’ for

…is the only thing that matters.


Sure, Maddie, we’ll probably get along, BUT what about the pictures??

The pictures are going to be like what you see on the site. Candid, unposed, sweet moments that make you go “awwww.” At the end of the day, does anything else matter?

But…in case you’re still worried, have no fear. I’m about to nerd it UP on you! 

Do you have a professional camera?

  • Yes! Yes, they’re full frame cameras, and yes, I shoot in RAW. Jpgs are for the birds. Just kidding, kinda.


Do you have more than one professional camera in case something awful happens?

  • Yes. ALWAYS. 3-4, so multiple awful things would have to happen to me to be left without a viable camera.


Have you shot weddings before?

  • Yes, lol. 

We will still have those formal shots with my family, right??

  • Yes. I even set aside time in a very comprehensive timeline I make specially for your wedding day to capture all of the family formals and any other groupings you request.


Have you shot at my venue before?


Does it matter if you have or haven’t?

  • Not really. It’s more for your peace of mind. But just know that if I haven’t shot there before, seeing the venue for the first time is THE BEST! I get so many ideas on where to shoot just taking a look around! It gets my creative juices flowing!! 


Do you have a second shooter with you?

  • If you add that on to a package. Otherwise, it’s me and a handy assistant. 


What do you wear at weddings?

  • Some people get offended by this question. I don’t understand why. When I was getting married, I wondered the same thing. I wear black. For every wedding. My goal is to blend in with the wall. 🙂


Do you drink at the wedding?

  • Water? Yes. Booze? No. Never. You’re paying me to do a job, and I take that very seriously.


Do you eat at the wedding?

  • Yes. I grab a plate when everyone else is eating as no one really likes photos of themselves mid-bite. Go figure. This break consists of about 10 minutes and is usually the only break I take during the 4-8 hour day. 


Can you explain photo delivery? And without using a bunch of fancy words…

  • I gotcha covered. Ok, after you get married I go home, take out all of the bad photos, edit the good ones and upload two sets of the same gallery on a special link just for you. One of the sets is called something super creative like “Facebook/online images” and has small digital files with little logos on the bottom left of the photo. Images from this set are great for sharing online, posting, etc. The other set is called your wedding date (ie. 10 October 2020)/Print Photos. You’ll want to use files from this gallery for ANY print pieces. They are large files, high quality, with no logos, and meant for printing. You have access to both and can download at any time! 🙂


My bff used this photographer, and she really liked them…

  • Wait, what’s your question? I know you’re looking at several photographers, getting a feel for them and their look, and comparing budgets. But the thing is, every (and I mean EVERY) photographer is different. Their eye at that scene is totally different than my eye. So, at this point you have to go with your gut and whoever fits your style. And, hey, I support that. I just want your day to be perfect. Period. Even if that’s not with me. 


Wait one more question. What’s the Yen Studios thing about?

  • Glad you asked. Yen Studios was my father’s commercial photography business of 35 years. We worked together for 3 years before he unexpectedly passed away. He taught me tons about life, business, and photography (though I didn’t understand any of it until he passed away, and I was left to fend for myself….) Nevertheless, he was the greatest dad in the world to me. If you ask me about him, I’ll talk for hours (tears may or may not occur…probably will). 


Ok, I lied. One more…Can you give me a ballpark figure of your packages?

  • Sure can! My base package starts at $2099 and includes 4 hours of wedding day photography and high resolution images. Just email me, and I will send you my pricing menu. I also offer goodies like bridal sessions, engagement sessions, prints, and the most gorgeous albums you’ve ever seen!


Anywayssss, I know this is a stressful time! It’s also a FUN time! If you have any questions, just email me. I want to be a part of your wedding as much or as little as you want me to be! And if working together leads to a friendship afterwards, I can’t wait! Did I mention the wine part? Hell, I guess we’re in Denver, so maybe it’s more about the beers now! 😉


So ask me on any of the following!

Weddings. I can gush for hours! 




The South. Did I mention I’m from Memphis. Yes, I say “y’all” and “caddywhompus” in normal conversation. I drink Jack, wear cowboy boots, and listen to country music…all the time. Representtttt!   


I’m ready to jump when you are. Book your date today! 

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