So I’m looking out my window in Denver, and all I can see are clouds. Hardly any sun, and it looks like it’s about to rain…again. Boo. I will say, it has rained more in the last month than it has this whole year that I’ve lived here.


Maybe Denver (the city that always seems sunny) actually has a rainy season…and maybe that rainy season is in June and July. I don’t know why this seems weird to me. Lots of places have rainy seasons in the summer. I guess I’m just that southern girl at heart who’s used to the summer time being super sunny and hot AF. Anyhoooo.

So it’s looking kind of gray outside. Honestly, a little blah. And while you may be thinking that now is the perfect time to curl up with a blanket, a good book, and some wine – NO JUDGEMENT on the time, please!! It’s also the perfect time to take photos!!


Wooo! Didn’t think I was going there, right? Well, maybe you did because I can link most things to photos. Lol


Anyways…yes. Cloudy days are actually pretty great days to shoot photos, especially for the newbies out there, all because of the cloud coverage. It’s money, baby! Trust me!

With the clouds acting as big soft boxes (which are kind of like sheers you put on windows to make the light not as intense), it softens those harsh shadows that you would normally get from a high noon sun! Wooohooo for cloud coverage.


Now of course, it’s not all rainbows and kittens on cloudy days. Sometimes, colors seem a little flat, and you’re not going to get that super warm beachy California look that every boho babe wants. Oh welllll. C’est la vie. Not every day is sunny. What can you do?


But here’s the deal. Just give it a shot. 😉

Play with it and see the difference between shooting on cloudy days and shooting on sunny days to discover what lighting fits your brand the best. You might find that it doesn’t work for your kind of portraits, BUT it does work for product shots, flat lays, and video. (Hint…it does.)


Remember – taking your own branding photography is all about taking images that actually fit your brand. And sometimes, you don’t know what’s going to fit until you actually try it out. This is a journey, not a race…and sometimes that requires some trial and error.


But once you learn HOW to work with light, be it diffused light with clouds or directional light from the sun…you’ll quickly realize that EVERY day is a great day for shooting. 


Of course I’m not biased at all. 😉


Till next time!