I remember the first time I took my own photos of myself. I had this sweat inducing fear of being in front of the camera. Of not knowing what I looked like. Of not being sure what to do with my hands.

It’s pretty similar to the fear I still get when I record myself for my youtube channel…

Please tell me I’m not the only one here.

I think the biggest thing I worry about is looking at myself disappointed and saying, “is that what I look like?”

Yes, I’m insecure. So sue me. 

It’s crazy because you think I would have been constantly photographed as a child being the daughter of a photographer. But let me assure you, that was NOT the case. Not to mention, both parents were suffering from second child syndrome leaving me not that many photos of myself growing up. Which means…I rarely got my photo taken. And every time I did, I had a stupid fake smile on my face. I hated my hair, my body, and I thought my face was wayyyyy too round. 

The truth is, I was never comfortable in front of the camera with dad taking my photo. He didn’t really tell me how to pose. And I added so much pressure to photos being perfect that they just ended up sucking.

So I always thought I was just un-photogenic and not meant to be on camera.

Flash forward to 3 years ago where I took my own photos for the first time for a new headshot. I put a mirror in front of me (behind the camera, so I could see what I looked like), used my remote clicker, and shot away…for hours. I took about six hundred photos. Yes, six hundred in order to get about fifteen solid shots that I was happy with! 

And that’s ok. It’s not a race and taking digital photos isn’t like back in the film days with all of the pressure where you have to pay per click. It’s freeeeeee. 

Getting in front of the camera is hard. Believe me, I know. To take a good photo, you need to find a good pose for YOU, to put minimal pressure on yourself, and to be willing to make yourself laugh. (Laughing pics *always* make great shots.) All of this takes: time, patience, and some grace. And when you need a little more than: time, patience, and grace…there’s always retouching. Which we’ll be talking about soon, don’t worry. 😉


Until next time!