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Sooooo, the other day, I had the pleasure of shooting this awesome couple all around Midtown! I’ve actually never had a chance to really explore Midtown photographically, so this was A LOT of fun for me! It was freezing cold, but it was oh so worth it after seeing how natural and at ease this couple was with me on top of the GORGEOUS 4:30 afternoon light! This may possibly be one of my favorite sessions. I mentioned this in a Facebook sneak peek post that this light….was exactly what I needed. Sometimes, I feel like I love weddings more than the photography part. But this day. This light. It made me remember that the reasons I love weddings are because of the moments and love I can capture through photography. They go hand in hand.

I love these types of sessions! I love the natural and casual feel of engagements.  We can take it easy, chat with one another, and y’all have the chance to really become comfortable with me (really ideal if I am shooting your wedding). There’s no pressure of being finished by a certain time. There’s no stressful family members telling you to do this and that. It’s just you, me, your man/woman, and my camera. And THAT is a lot of fun!

So, let me tell you about Lindsey and Jonny! Lindsey is from New Hampshire. Jonny is a Memphis man. They met. The fell. And they aren’t turning back. Sometimes, it’s really as simple as that. I hate to bring up words like fate and serendipitous, but I AM in the wedding biz…so what did you expect??

Without further adieu, let’s see the pics!

And so it was, on this very cold day in January, I was but an observer in the little things that make Lindsey and Jonny, Lindsey and Jonny.

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Feel free to comment below! And congrats to the happy couple!!


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