Have you been thinking to yourself, “Madddddddieee, I want to do the session, but ughhhhh. I don’t know. I’m already paying ALL this money for my wedding. And sending Christmas cards are such an adult thing to do. And I’m not even married yet, so that would be weird, right? And it’s only like 15 minutes. And my fiancΓ© is all ‘bleh’ on photos, so I just don’t think I can justify it.”

First off – girl – I HEAR YA! You’re right! Weddings are expensive…AND stressful. I totally understand that. And sending Christmas cards ARE such an adult thing to do. I’m like….does an evite count?! lol. #reallifeadulting

And, yes, the session is 15 minutes or 30 minutes depending on what y’all choose. But……..

Here are 5 reasons why Christmas Minis are perfect for couples!

So, if you did NOT add an engagement session to your package, this is the “have your cake and eat it too” opportunity to have couples photos.

1. PRICE: That’s right, baby! It’s cheaper. An engagement session with me is $500. A Christmas mini is $150 for 15 minutes and $210 for 30 minutes. That’s a pretty big difference. And if you are a Maddie Moree couple, you get a 10% discount off on the session! So $135 for the 15 min and $189 for the 30 min.


2. Retouched image: You get one retouched image, which is PERFECT for the Save the Date (or a Christmas Card if you decide to be an adult), in ADDITION to your high resolution images that we take. You get 2 retouched images for the 30 minute session.


3. Comfortable with each other: We get to work together before the wedding day!! There are so many benefits to this. I can figure out how y’all interact with each other before the wedding. Y’all will be used to me being up in your grill photographing you. All of these things lead to BETTER wedding photos. You know what to expect. I find out what style you like. WIN. WIN. (I originally typed WINE instead of WIN…and I allllllmost left it because WINE isΒ  WIN! But anyways…)


4. It’s ONLY 15 minutes: Which is awesome. 15-30 minutes is actually a great timeframe for people who hate taking photos or have a short attention span. Meaning your fiancΓ© who’s all bleh on photos has NO excuse not to be up for some photos for 15 minutes. And, ya know, he might find out that Maddie is pretty freakin’ hilarious making jokes and being goofy the entire session and realize that taking photos is SO MUCH FUN.


5. Photo options: Yes, we will be shooting at a tree farm and with Christmas trees, but it DOESN’T have to be Christmas-y. We will be shooting in nature for the most part. So while Christmas is an option that we CAN TOTALLY OWN….we can also do wooded nature and scenery. This is absolutely the case at Shelby Farms lake because there are no Christmas trees at all.


Boom! I know that was eye opening! Are you ready to sign up? πŸ˜€ Here’s the link to times.

Listen, I hear your questions, and I want to answer more. Just email me or comment below, and I’ll answer them directly or in another goofy blog post!


Till next time.