I challenged my photography facebook community to take their own photos demonstrating quarantine life in a 2 week challenge.

I mean, why not? We are all stuck in quarantine for the next month or so. Why not take some photos to commemorate it?


Why not take some photos to save for our family history. So when we look back on this 20 years from now, we can tell our kids about this crazy thing that happened where the entire world shut down for x period of time. And they’ll either look back at us confused like, “so, what’s the big deal?” (Because it’s just hard to imagine, right? Hard to imagine famous parks, museums, tourists sites…closed. Like, what about the Eiffel Tower?? I can’t even imagine that place with NO people?!?) Or they’ll say, “I remember…we did all of these fun projects at home.”


I don’t have kids. I have a dog. But one thing that I do imagine to be similar is how happy the kids and the pets are. Finalllllllly, some attention from mom and dad. Finallllllllly, home with my favorite people in the world. 


I guess it’s mainly the adults freaking out about the virus, the impending recession, and not being able to work and provide for their family. The kids are just hanging out at home doing projects in the yard and chalk drawings on the sidewalk. The pets are snuggling with their humans and finally have something to do during the day when we all used to be at work.


Isn’t that crazy how perceptions change? The perception of the out of work person staying at home vs the still working person staying at home vs the dedicated healthcare professional running straight into the eye of the storm vs the innocent kid playing outside with some chalk. Everyone has a different viewpoint of how they are spending this time. 


And that’s the beauty of documentary photography. This is supposed to be from the viewpoint of the photographer who is showing you what they see in regards to each person, each perspective, in the house like a fly on the wall. But the challenge here was to also show you my life during quarantine, and to show you that with as little manipulation as possible (considering I would have to actively set up the camera and take the photo myself). 


It’s not perfect, but who ever said photos were in the first place?



So without further ado, here are a few photos from my quarantine life, my perspective, my eyes….

I showed you mine. Now you show me yours, quarantine daze that is. Email me (madison@madisonyen.com) or join our Facebook group to be a part of the conversation.



Till next time. 



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