Yay! The Wedding Issue of Click Magazine is out! I may be a month late posting it…uhwhoops, but that does not make it any less awesome!

So Yen Studios shot the cover and fashion spread, which I am about to show you. Maybe y’all know this already, but Yen Studios is the parent company of Maddie Moree. Haha, like literally. He’s my dad. ๐Ÿ™‚ He shoots things like product photography, fashion, editorial, and events. Maddie Moree is the wedding side of our family business, and I shoot weddings and engagements. So that’s how we fit.

This Wedding Issue had a lot of people involved in the planning, and the idea of the shoot was to show a “love story,” in fashion-y way.

So here’s the cover! Love the purple! And the rock! And the dress…well, let’s just say, there’s a lot of love going on, here. We don’t really get into the love story here, but just you wait! lol

Yen Studios Click Magazine Cover

Wedding Issue Cover

Check out my table of contents! ย I love shooting rings, and I’m so happy I was able to get one of my ring shots published! ๐Ÿ™‚

Table of Contents Click Magazine shot by Maddie Moree

Table of Contents Click Magazine shot by Maddie Moree

Now, we have the opener. This was the whimsical falling in love part. The happiness and the “life can’t get any better” part. Ahh.

Click Magazine Yen Studios Photography

The opening spread: Being in Love!

Then we have the getting ready shots. Getting ready for her big day! A warm environment, soft colors, pink dress. Ahh, that dress.

Yen Studios Click Magazine

The Getting Ready Part

We have the very luxurious, completely over-the-top bridal portrait. The hair, the make-up, flowers, champagne. She is the center of attention…honestly, the whole reason for a bridal portrait is to be the center of attention. And she’s above it.

Click Magazine Yen Studios Photography Wedding Issue

The Bridal Portrait

Uh oh…now’s she’s contemplating her huge decision she’s about to make. She thinks, “Is this what I want to do? I could run. Or I could stay. I have a suitcase already packed…”

Click Magazine Yen Studios Photography Memphis Wedding

Contemplation…uh oh

“I can’t. We can’t. I’m a runaway bride!”

Click Magazine Yen Studios Photography Memphis Venue

A dramatic exit down the staircase

For the last page of their romance, she turns back and thinks, “This is the life I could have, but I just can’t stay.” And now she’s off! Ready for another ridiculously unrealistic adventure in a crazy beautiful dress!

Click Magazine Yen Studios Leaving Shot

Leaving a life she could have had for a new adventure

So that was our super amazingly, dramatic and romantic whirlwind of a love story that we created behind the scenes of the Wedding Issue for Click Magazine. You go through so many phases during the wedding day – and the wedding planning for that matter too. It starts out happy, and then maybe near the end you are ready to elope. lol. We just wanted to show action, drama, love, vanity, contemplation, happiness. Honestly, I think all of those aspects areย present when it comes to anything wedding-related! Don’t you?

So again, thanks to all the vendors who made that possible! I hope you loved that shoot as much as I did. I will be posting some fabulous tips and tricks from those vendors soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s a list ofย our awesome vendors who were a part of the shoot:

Photography: Yen Studios and Maddie Moree

Of course Click Magazine!ย You can check out the rest of the magazine on their site!

Venue: Annesdale Mansion

Dresses: All About Weddings, Maggie Louise Bridal, and The Barefoot Bride

Coordinator: Betsy McKay, Salt Style and Eventsย 

Hair: Marcie Seccombe

Make-up: Alexandra Nicole, City Chic Living

Rentals: Propcellar Vintage Rentals

Nails: September Nail Salon

Jewelry: Van Atkins Jewelry

Flowers: Hernando Flower Shop and Olive Branch Florist



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