It’s official. I’m starting a 2020 2.0 Journey.

Here I am…sinking deeper. Feeling the burn. Going deeper. Digging deeper. My brain is wandering. I lose my balance. Fuckkkkkkkk. I get back into the pose. Brain wanders again. Lose balance. Fuckkkkk. Repeat.

It’s SO frustrating. Like everyone else in this world…I’m frustrated. I miss my in-person yoga classes. That community. My old life. My consistent business. And I miss being able to fucking focus!


Over and over again, I find myself asking these questions.


When are things going back? Will things ever go back? What am I supposed to do now? What’s next for me? For my business? How do I continue to grow when I can barely leave the house??


How am I supposed to continue taking photos in person when we aren’t supposed to be around people?


Events are on pause indefinitely. A groom died 2 days after his wedding because of coronavirus and infected over 100 people who came. I don’t know about you, but that kind of throws weddings out the window for me.


Indoor sessions are also close quarters, which make the likelihood of spreading corona pretty high. This also makes me relatively hesitant to schedule portrait sessions and headshots at clients’ homes.


So that pretty much leaves outdoor photos only, which is fine…until winter hits. And then what?


That’s where I’m at right now. At the “then what??” part.

I heard a great live from Barbara Gobbi in her free Facebook Group: The Startup Tribe (y’all check it out if you’re a small biz owner.) about throwing your old 2020 goals out the window and making new goals relevant to the times.


For me, just sitting around and waiting for coronavirus to go away has given me so much anxiety and has really affected my focus in work. I keep wondering: “What do I do? Where is my worth when I’m not making money from my photos??” But hearing that live was the permission I needed to start over, recalibrate, and revise my 2020 goals.


So now I have some 2020 goals 2.0.


And one of them is to move my business online.


Moving a traditionally in-person business online is going to be a journey. A journey of fuck ups and lots of trial and error situations, but just the thought of it makes me think up some new and more constructive questions.


What does this look like for online revenue? How will I attack email marketing? What about digital products? Affiliate marketing? Advertising? How do I gain followers, subscribers, and fans? What about ads??


All questions that I don’t have answers to.

But the reality is: coronavirus isn’t going anywhere anytime soon…and neither is the Internet. So this is as good of a time as any to get this online business thing up and running. The goal is to make back the money corona stole from me this year and plus some. 


The goal is going from $0 to $100k.


Saying this scares me. It makes me sweat uncomfortably and speak in a whisper. It’s something I have dreamt of making online, but I’m having a hard time actually imagining achieving it…especially considering I have an online course I JUST launched and have made under a thousand dollars from. I had goals for so much more! But how??


That’s what I’ll be working on to figure out, and it’s all a part of the journey.


If you want to follow along on my journey of moving my business online…click here.


I make no promises other than to be 100 with you. 100% effort, 100% real, and 100% vulnerable. Because I hate when people make it seem like they got there on their first try with no effort at all. And now they’re fucking millionaires waving down at us little people from their mansions. That’s not real life, and I’m not looking to share a perfectly edited reel of success. No one can learn from that.


This all being said…I have two caveats.


I am not just starting out from scratch. I have an email platform set up and an online course that I launched in May and have made under a thousand bucks with. When I do the starting point email/blog, I’ll break all of that down for transparency. I chose the name $0-$100k because the amount made is very small in comparison to $100k, and so I am just starting fresh with a new tally. 


I don’t have all of the answers. Look, I’m not starting this journey from under a rock without any online knowledge at all, BUT…obviously, what I’m currently doing is not enough. If it were, I would have already made the money. Which is good. I guess that means there’s plenty of room to grow. (lol) So while I want you to come with me on this journey, I’m not claiming to be the Internet God with all of the answers. I’m just a girl doing what I can do.


Hence the journey part………….


If you do want to follow along with me, I’d love to have you. It’s free, and I’d appreciate the company. 🙂 Just click here to get the updates or sign up below.


Who knows?? You might just find that you’re on a journey, too.


Maybe it’s the same one as me.


Till next time.