My Starting Point for the 0-100k Challenge

So I wanted to write an initial post explaining where I currently am for the starting point of the 0-100k challenge and a few thoughts I have on where I’m going and what that looks like. 


Monetize to $100k.

Currently starting at $0



Easy Sunday Morning Presets (Lightroom Presets) $29 or $12 if you buy with the course. 

Shooting Made Simple (iPhone Branding Course) $87



I have some pretty low starting point numbers as of July 20th. Don’t judge.

Email subscribers: 45

Instagram: 506 Followers

Facebook: 469 Followers



My main website traffic is coming from Facebook right now (mainly from friends when I post on my personal page). I’m thinking that maybe I should be spending more of my time on Facebook than Instagram right now (though we will see if any traffic comes from the business page or if everything has to be pushed through my personal page to gain page views).

In my head, I just feel like Instagram is the place where all of the cool kids hang out. Obviously, that’s not the case based on current traffic numbers. I think Instagram just appeals to me because it is such a visually focused platform, which works well for photos. That being said, LinkedIn is also a great platform seeing that it’s for business professionals and I’m offering a branding photography solution.

ICA: (Ideal Customer Avatar…aka, people I am targeting)

DIY Business Owners. Female business owners who are starting to make courses or products, who recognize that they need to post regularly on their social medias, and who want better photos without paying for a photographer every time. 



I have realized that in order to get people to buy my online course, I first need to get them in the door. And in order to get traffic in the door, I need to give them a reason to come in the first place.

Which means…content!

And not just any content. Content that is focused around branding photography keywords! (branding photography, what is branding photography, why do I need branding photography, etc).

So, the goal for this week is to blog 5 times. This feels like a lot for me, but I think it’s worth a try pumping out more content to see if the traffic increases over time. As I finish the posts, I will be promoting through facebook, linkedin, and instagram.

With more eyes on content, hopefully, I can get more email signups since, apparently, email is where it’s at.

To capture emails, there will be a mix of pop ups, lead magnets, and signup forms on all of the posts. I’ll be testing some freebie ideas as well (probably later in the week so I have time to actually create it and then test performance). If you have any ideas on what YOU think you’d need help with for photos…let me know! I’m all ears! Comment below or shoot me an email at


Okie dokie. This wraps up my update for today. This is my starting point and the goal for the week. I just keep reminding myself that this is a journey, not a race.

So…to sum everything up:

Step 1: Get people in the door. 

Step 2: Give them champagne and cookies to make them stay. 


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Have an awesome week!! Talk soon!