Hellooooooooo. How are we doing today?? I’ve got lotsssss of updates for my 0-$100k Update #3…mainly with the Tiny Offer, so let’s get this party started!


Tiny Offer Deets


So, I last updated that my major action item was to figure out a “Tiny Offer,” something that could be worth around $27ish dollars. I have been thinking quite a bit about this, and as I was coming up on my monthly branding photo session that I do for my own business, I had a little epiphany.


Heyyyyyyy, let’s shoot this live, put everything in a Facebook group, and love alllll over the people who sign up. After it’s done, I can turn all of the recordings into a mini workshop course and sell it for $27.



Fast forward to now. I started the workshop on Monday offering presets for $12 as an order bump. I had one person buy those and 6 people buy the live workshop. So far, for gross revenue, I made $174. Net revenue…$90. I spent about $80 on some Facebook ads that DID NOT convert at all. Boo Facebook ads.


But hazahhhh! I made a teensy bit of cash. That being said, I’m counting this as a win.


1. I get PAID to create a “Tiny Offer.”
2. I plan on sending out a survey to everyone in this Beta group so I can adjust and tweak the workshop as necessary so it can be exactly what my ICA needs.
3. After this Tiny Offer is complete, I will almost have a FULL FUNNEL.


Funnel vision (heh heh)


Where I can push an ad for the “Tiny Offer” (Branding Workshop $27), give an “Order Bump” (Presets for $12), and then offer a “One Time Offer” (my iPhone Photography Course $79 or $67 or something like that?? Thoughts?? Original price is $87.) at a slightly discounted price.



Once that is finished, the only thing I will be missing is a nurture sequence once my email people sign up. Now there are a couple schools of thought on the welcome email nurture sequence. One would be that you, ideally, have a larger and waaaay more lucrative offer to pitch to your email peeps after you’ve warmed them up to you.



For coaches, it’s a 1-1 coaching package that’s thousands of dollars. For course creators, it’s the $3000 course. While I would LOVE to do that, I don’t really have that high-ticket offer yet because that takes so much time to put together, not to mention, a really great idea that’s worth $3000. (Heyyyy, if you have any ideas for a high-ticket item I could offer, I’m ALL EARS.) The second school of thought is to just create a series of emails that welcome new people in and tell them what you’re about, who you are, and give them a chance to get to know you.


Anyways, just some things to think about.


Step 1. Finish branding workshop. Step 2. Create a fancy sales page for the workshop so I have a place for the ads to go (instead of a Paypal page like I did this last time…because I was lazy and wanted to spend more time with family. You live and you learn.) Step 3. Figure out the email nurture sequence.


For FB ads in the future, I’m toying around with the idea of actually hiring someone. Obviously, the way I’m doing it is not working…and I’m tired of wasting money on it. Also, I’m learning more and more that the copy I actually like and feel like I’m best at is the more fluffy, informational, entertaining copy…not the compelling, buy this NOW copy. So, maybe someone can help with that.



So that’s what’s up with the Tiny Offer.


Let’s talk blogging and web traffic!


In terms of blogging, I did a piss-poor job blogging over the last 3 weeks. I only blogged 3 😮 times, and 1 of those was my starting point update for the 0-100k challenge. Whoops. In a comparison of the last 3 weeks and the 3 weeks before that, users went down 38.81%.


But oh well. Life gets in the way sometimes, and so once I’m done with my workshop (and hopefully no more funerals), I’ll get back on the blogging train and shoot for 2x per week as previously planned.



Out of my traffic, 44.4% came from social (33% decrease from last update), 27.8% came from organic traffic (a 104% increase!!), 24.3% from direct traffic (24.6% increase!), and 3.6% came from referrals (a 414% increase from last update. Note: A referral is another site linking to my site and I get traffic from that.).



These numbers seem pretty good to me. Even though users went down, I promoted less content on social, BUT I had more organic traffic…which is great news and showing me that people are finding my site more and more on their own without me pushing it.


Now for email opt-ins.


So…I’m still having a hard time figuring out the email reporting. I see on the home page that I only got 2 new people from forms (email sign ups or lead magnets). BUT when I look at total subscribers, I see that now, I’m sitting at 61 people. My assumption here is that a couple people signed up for the forms, and then the rest were for the tiny offer workshop. But that’s me just guessing because heaven forbid they tell you how you got each person and the numbers actually add up…. If I had more than a thousand people on the list, this would be such bullshit to figure out. Anyways. From the last update, I was at 54 subscribers, which is a 12.96% increase. Woohoo!






I have no idea why I CONTINUE to put so much time on Instagram. In my 3 week comparison, I got TWO people coming to my site from Insta. TWO. TWOOOOOOOO. Fuck Instagram. (Also, I gained 10 followers and am currently at 568.)


Pinterest, I did nothing on and had a 50% increase…3 people. Not a lot of people, but the time put into Pinterest vs time put into Instagram. BULL SHIT.


LinkedIn, I had a 54.5% decrease in web visitors, but again…makes sense. Less blogging, and so there’s no reason to come to the site. That being said, LinkedIn numbers the past 3 weeks makes up about the same percentage of web traffic as it did prior. Less overall users, but same percentage from LinkedIn.


Yelp, I have a 36.36% decrease. Those people are looking more for in person services, so they probably aren’t helping the online challenge, but it’s nice to have people coming to the site and booking me nonetheless!


Facebook, my largest referral source, went down 61.69% this update. Again, this makes sense. I’ve posted not as often on my page, and I’ve been mainly pushing the workshop which does not go to a page on my site, but a paypal page…so I wouldn’t get that traffic anyways.


So, I think to wrap this all up, here are some major takeaways from the last 3 weeks.



1. I’m happy the tiny offer is coming along. I think it will be a great product! And hopefully make me MILLIONSSSSS.
2. Blogging and then promoting blogs on social make up a ton of web traffic. So that’s something I really need to keep at the forefront of this challenge.
3. I made some moneyyyyyyyyyyyy! Only $99,826 to go! Lol




Thanks for reading! And until the next time!