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I did a little live Q and A last week on branding and branding using your photography. As I was trying to post this on various social media channels, I just had an epiphany…a week later. Embed this video on your site! Duhhhhhhh. And no, I have no idea why the thumbnail is stretched super wide. Y’all just bear with me! Sigh / lol. 

Below the video, I have some time stamps on when we change questions so if you’re in a hurry, you can just jump to where you need to go!


Here’s what we discussed!

1. 4:00 How many photos do I need of myself to get started? 

2. 7:00ish What kind of environment should I be in?

3. 7:58 How often should you take new photos for your branding?

4.  9:12 Should you be posting photos of yourself on Instagram?

5. 10:35 Do I need a ring light?

 Link to ring light. Link to Soft boxes.

6. 13:38 How do I highlight product in a photo without looking salesy? 

7. 15:52 For a new business, what are the first 3 steps you’d take to get started in branding?

Quiz to figure out what types of photos you need for your business.

Facebook group!! Branding through photography page.

Alrighty, I’ll leave this here for you guys. Thanks for watching and stay tuned for more Lives!!