Have you ever wondered…What do I actually get when I schedule a branding shoot?




How is it even different from a headshot session?


Ahh, great questions, grasshopper. Let’s answer these one by one and walk you through what a branding shoot is all about.


If you’re confused as to what branding actually is, check out this blog post to get a good idea of what we’re talking about when we say branding.


Ok. So, let’s start at the beginning!

We start off all branding sessions with a….dum dum dummmmmmm…phone call. And during this phone call, we talk all about your brand currently. What you like about it, what you want to change, and where you see it going. We also talk about visual preferences, if there are people you like to follow and like the look of their brand, any colors you prefer, and ideal locations based on all of this information.


This first call is imperative to creating photos that work for you. If we don’t establish any starting point, we’re less likely to be on the same page…which means you may be less likely to love your photos.


After the call and we decide on a location, we move on to the shoot!

For the shoot, you should bring 3-6 outfits that really fit your colors, personality, and well…brand. We can rotate through these to give you more of a variety and make your photos last longer.


I also suggest that you bring quite a few props. I recommend bringing props that actually fit your personality and what you do throughout the day. A coffee mug would be an example of a prop. Props are great for branding photos because they add an element to the photos that you can talk about on social as well as give you more variety from the typical headshot.


For the shoot, we’ll photograph multiple poses incorporating props and general activities that would make sense for your company. Then we change outfits and do it allllllllll over again!


After all of that is said and done, I go home, edit the photos, and send them to you ready to be used for your website, email headers, blog posts, social media accounts, and moreeeeee.


Ok, cool! But that’s the difference between a branding shoot and a headshot shoot?

I would consider a branding session and a headshot session to be different in that the branding session has headshot type images in it, but it also has more to it than a headshot session. A headshot is really more of a one and done kind of photo. It’s for that Linkedin profile and about page. I think of the headshot as a more “buttoned up” shoot where you’re smiling, looking at the camera, and wearing slightly more professional clothes (depending on the messaging you want to convey). But the branding session has a lot more looks and photos in general for it. You would get some casual headshots, images of you working, messing around with your props, behind the scenes shots, stock shots, product shots (if needed). So to sum it up: headshots are a type of brand shot, but not the whole enchilada. Branding sessions are designed to give you a bank of images that complement your content you create for your business.


I love both sessions, but they definitely have different purposes for different people!

Headshots are for both business owners and individuals traditionally employed who are looking to spruce up their LinkedIn or add a solid shot for their website. Branding and personal branding shoots are really meant for business owners, influencers, or personal brands who need to keep up that consistency in their communications and website.


So…did this help clear things up and explain exactly what you can expect when booking your next branding session?? Let me know any questions below!


Till next time!