What is branding photography and why do you need it for your business?

Those are good questions and something you may be wondering as you are looking into hiring a photographer for your business or deciding to take photos on your own. Let’s start from the top.


First off, what is branding photography?


Branding photography is actually a pretty new type of photography. And with anything new, it takes a bit of explanation so everyone is on the same page.


Branding photography is photography that represents your business. It’s a summation of your brand through photos. Its goal is to translate your customer experiences, your product, who you are as the owner, your why, and the essence of what your business is all about through photos…AKA your brand.

branding photography potter

And just like your brand, your photos should give off the same vibe that you pride yourself on in your company. Maybe that’s professional vs badass. Feminine vs raw. Natural vs perfect. All of those words mean something completely different and will definitely affect how the photos are taken. So not only does branding photography give your customers an idea of what you do and how you operate, it also communicates the tone and vibe that you want to come across to your customers.


Pretty much, in a nutshell, branding photos are any kinds of photos that you would need to market your business. Period.

Makeup artist branding

From here, the answer to the first question pretty much sums up the answer to the second question of why we need it, but I’ll dive in a bit more.

Because businesses are moving more and more online (welcome to the digital era), visual representation of your business becomes that much more important to your customers. People want to put a face with the name. They want to know, like, and trust you. And if they cannot physically hold your product, they want photos to fill in that gap. The want to see what it looks like, its size and color, how it’s used, and how it’s going to change their life as they use it.

Have you ever heard how people “don’t buy things, they buy results?” Well, branding photography should work hand in hand with your marketing strategy to make those results become visually apparent through photos. Just think of any weight loss program where the end results are of a super fit 6-pack hottie looking happier than ever.

branding workout trainer
Workout trainer Gym branding

Additionally, as businesses begin shifting their marketing from advertising pieces published in a few different places to a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that requires consistent posts and more content in general to create…photos play a much larger role in the overall strategy.

Just imagine all of the platforms where you could and should use a photo to compliment your copy.

Website, blog, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest…I could go on forever. Photos play a huge role for your business and brand photography is exactly the kind of photos you should be taking to ramp up your marketing.


The next time you’re wondering what branding photos would work best for you, just imagine someone was shining a light on your business. What would you want the world to know? And what might that look like through photos?

Cupcakes Branding

Those questions are always where I start when working with companies to nail their branding.


And if you’re still wondering what kinds of photos are actually considered brand photos, check out this free guide on the different types of brand photos, how to use them, and why you need them in the first place. Check it out here or fill in the form below!


Till next time.



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