Ok, so you bought you’re awesome presets, and now you’re ready to start editing photos in just a click. But wait…how do you install the dang things in the first place???


I got you covered! 

Here are the list of steps, but I go into depth below.

For desktop presets:

1. Unzip the file.

2. Open Lightroom

3. Open an image and enter into “Develop” Mode. Or press “d.”

4. In the presets tab on left hand side, press “+”

5. Select “import presets”

6. Browse for unzipped presets (probably in your downloads folder) and select each .xmp file.


For the mobile presets on Lightroom Mobile:

1. Unzip the file.

2. Save DNG file to Camera Roll on phone

3. Open Lightroom Mobile

4. Add each save DNG file to Lightroom

5. Make a new album Called Presets

6. Add each DNG file to new album

7. Open up each image. Click 3 button cloud on top right corner. 

8. Select Create Preset

9. Name it

10. Repeat for each photo


So let’s start with the zip file. First things first, you’re going to download the zip file and unzip (unarchive) the file. If you’re on the desktop, this should happen if you right click and select unarchive or double click it on a Mac. If you’re on your phone, you’ll need an app to unzip the file like Unzip or IZip. (Or you can unzip on your desktop and email to yourself to access on your phone.)

And then a side note for the mobile presets. This process takes a lot longer, but here’s the gist. I’ve given you a specific kind of file with the preset on it (imagine a person with a mask and the preset is the mask). 


The idea is that you upload the file/photo to lightroom mobile, copy the preset settings (the mask), name it (whatever you want or what I have named it), and then it saves to your “User Group Presets.” It’s a slightly longer process, but once you get the presets in there this first time, you’re good to go and can delete the DNG files from your lightroom home page.  


For the desktop version, here are photo instructions:  

For the mobile presets, I have a little video you can watch to upload.

Alrighty, hopefully this helped you install your presets! Let me know if you have any questions. And if you are looking to buy any new presets, check out my Easy Sunday Morning Preset Pack! I love themmmmmm, and I can’t wait for y’all to check them out!!!

Till Next time!





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