Let me ask you a question… Are your photos “legit” or are you putting up SHIT pictures of yourself, your business, or your product?


It’s not like we “mean” to. Taking photos is hard. And we don’t have the right gear. Or know how to pose. I mean, we’re not all photographers here, so just cut us some fucking slack, right?


No. I’m sorry. Those answers are no longer an option. Those answers are laziness disguised as helplessness.

After 4 tips to look more legit
Before 4 tips to look more legit

Both photos were taken from my iPhone. But what’s the difference?


If you’re posting the second image and calling it an honest effort, I’m calling bullshit. And I think it’s time people stop dancing around the subject.


Those photos look…bad. Be real with yourself. No, I’m not talking about the posing or the smile. I’m talking about the lighting, the fact that you’ll only ever be able to see bust up and most of the time…my arm will be in the photo since it’s holding the camera. This stuff matters!! Photos like this are an awful representation of your brand. (Because that’s what branding photos are – a representation of YOUR BRAND.) It looks like you don’t value your image, and it SERIOUSLY makes me question the credibility of what you have to say. 


But enough of my bitching. HOW DO YOU FIX IT?


Here are 4 simple tips to make your photos look more legit!

  1. Stand by a WINDOW.
  2. Put the phone on a tripod.
  3. Use a remote clicker or self timer so you’re not using your hands to hold the phone or take a photo.
  4. Use the portrait mode and blur out some of your background. If you don’t have this then disregard. It’s not even that important.


4 little tiny things that make a HUGE difference.

Maybe you’re not a photographer. Maybe you don’t have all the fancy gear. But you have a phone, a window, at least some books or a table to prop your phone up if no tripod, and the ability to take a great photo with just those things. I believe that in my soul. YOU have the ability to take GREAT photos yourself. Stop fighting for your limitations and post some better photos.


You deserve it. Your business deserves it. Your customers deserve it. It’s time to deliver!


Who else is tired of seeing shit photos posing as actual “branding” for their business??

Till next time.




And if you want me to go further into depth on taking better branding photos for your business…check out my online course for branding photography using JUST your iPhone. I promise…it’s Shooting Made Simple!