Y’all, where has the time gone? How is it already August? Of 2019?!?! What happened to 2018, let alone half of 2019??


I’ve been gone sooo long from blogging, it’s like I forgot what to do with my hands.


Kind of like when you’ve lost touch with a close friend. And you kept meaning to text and check in, but then there was this great show on Netflix and you had to do some laundry and, ya know, feed your cat. But you totally promised yourself that you would check in next week when you were more open. Then, 4 years go by…and you, completely out of the blue, run into each other at the grocery store. Of course, you haven’t showered in 3 days, but y’all hug anyways because neither of you want to be rude. And now…you’re there awkwardly updating each other on your life, trying not to be the first person to bring up the weather. Hellooooooo, global warming. 

And that’s where we are right now. 

I’ve been so busy doing my job, being the photographer, editing photos, tending to my clients, and living my life (Did I mention that I got married…AND moved to Denver?!?!? Check me out on Yelp!?!?) that now the idea of writing something…anything about photography seems impossible. It’s hard when you’re buried so deep inside your business, you forget what it looks like to your customers. And I think that’s the station the struggle bus is at right now. 


As you already know, all businesses have a product or service that they offer. They market their product/service, and then these amazing people called customers come and buy said product/service. And all of this is an amazing circle of life, until you’re like: Shit, I don’t know what to do with my hands.


Because my product is to make your product look good. Which means the customer has to use their IMAGINATION on what the best version of their product looks like. Not that easy.


I know that I love Charlize Theron, but will I ever be her?? The answer is…unfortunately, no.


I will never be Charlize. I will only ever be Madison Yen. But I can still be the BEST VERSION of myself. It might be hard to picture (ha, see what I did there?), but that’s where I would step in.


So HOW do I convey to them, “Hey man, I got you. I GET you. Just let me show the world who you really are!”? 


And how the hell do you fit all of that into an Instagram post?


All of these points/struggles are what I want to blog about, but I didn’t really know where to start. I imagined that it would be with some new photos, but I’ve had a small realization that I can’t really get new business unless people find my website. And people will never find my website unless Google decides to play nice and make it searchable for shit like: “Denver photographer” and “Denver wedding photographer” and “Denver family photographer.”


That bitch. 


So now, here we are. At the grocery store, unshowered and making awkward conversation. 


But the good news is that it will get better! Just bear with me. Because I’m not going to lie and tell you everything has been peaches and cake so the conversation can stop at surface level. (Though, both peaches AND cake sound great right now.) Let’s DIG into it. Where I’ve been. Where you’ve been. What’s great? What’s hard AF? What are you worried about? What am I worried about? Which pretty much means I want to have a real fucking conversation with you. 




I’ve got some ideas up my metaphorical sleeve. Some challenges I’ll be working on paired with a shiny new commitment to you that I will be checking in for real. And wouldn’t you know…here we are, on the fast track to true BFFs again. 



Netflix and the cat (though I actually have a dog named Bears. Photos to come…) can wait.