Wellllll, here I am on the couch writing this blog today (wellllllll, technically, it was an email from last week. Sign up for my bitchin’ email series and get updates like this in real time every week. 😉 ) and let me tell you…I’m feeling particularly unphotogenic. It’s probably the sweatpants. And not just any sweatpants. The old ones. The “ultimate comfort” ones. Ones that I’ve had for *cough* more than a decade (and a half) *cough* and should really be the “when no one’s around” sweatpants.


But here’s the thing. They were necessary today. Because, you know, moving is stressful. Pizza is easy. Jack is necessary. And…let’s just be real, Thanksgiving is TOMORROW. So healthy eating has been non-existent.


Instead of squeezing into real pants (that are probably too tight) to look more “put together,” I’m just going to be real with myself and say something along these lines.


This has been a stressful time moving, working, and unpacking. And you know what??? That is OK. That’s life. Do what you gotta do to get through, and you’ll get back on track and go back to the normal pants when things calm down a bit.


Can I get an amen for showing a little grace??


Look, I never said I was perfect. I never said I wasn’t an emotional eater. I’m just a girl who loves a good cookie.


So what?! Maybe my pants are tight right now. Maybe I am feeling a little puffy right now. And maybe I do need that sense of comfort that only my high school sweatpants can bring me. But instead of making myself feel bad or guilty over my recent food choices, I’m going to rock these sweatpants on my way to grabbing a lil’ snack.




The same thing can happen when you’re getting your photo taken.


Sometimes, you feel fat, unphotogenic, unattractive, ALL THE THINGS. And the thought of documenting this feeling through pictures makes you just want to barf. Yeah, I said it. Sometimes, picture time just BLOWS. 


But sometimes, your biz don’t give a shit. 


Sometimes, you have to show up anyways, EVEN when you’re not feeling 100% sexy-fine.


C’est la vie.


So what do you do?


You show yourself some fucking grace.


And here are a few little tips to help a sweatpants wearing chicka out. You’re welcome.


hoot only your “best side.” (Of course, don’t forget to choose your “best side” when you’re feeling yourself, not when it’s a “sweatpants” kind of day.) I mean, set yourself up for success here. Don’t go for crazy angles on a side that, even on a good day, makes you self-conscious.


Shoot from a higher angle tilted down. (Hellooooooo minimizing the chin situation.)


Choose a pose that WORKS for you. (No need to get fancy with pose variety. Stick with ol’ reliable.)


And if you’re feeling like you need a filter…no judgement here. You do you.


Not every day is a great day for pictures.


Even as a photographer, I don’t expect that. And neither should you.


But like every business owner knows…it’s what you can create on your worst day that makes you the badass cashing the checks on your best. 😉


Oh and here’s a ridiculous video of me in my sweatpants with a few photo tips for you. In case you were curious…


Till next time!




PS- If you want more tips on taking great photos with just your iPhone, check out my online course on branding photography here!