I haven’t done a Thoughts by Maddie Thursday in a hot minute. Like years kind of “hot minute.” I guess it’s time.


So, I was thinking about this post this morning before I actually really woke up. (Can we just acknowledge how much I care about y’all?!? I think about you EVEN in my dreams!) Anyways – there I am: laying in bed, listening to the dog bark at the gardeners, asking myself this question. 


What’s ONE thing that if my people (the loves of my lifeeeee) changed, they would have INSTANTLY better photos??


And it hit me! The mistake I see the MOST. The one that seems so trivial. Simple. NBD. And yet, it happens ALL OF THE TIME, and no one ever fixes it. Why??? Maybe because it’s so simple, no one ever thinks about it.


Are you ready??


You’re going to laugh. And roll your eyes. And think I’m kinda crazy for making an ENTIRE blog post to talk about it.


One simple thing you can fix RIGHT now for better photos is to…




Right?!?! I know. Silly.


Most of us, let’s be real, are not shooting on an $5k camera setup. In fact, most of us take MOST photos with our phones. And those phones are nastyyyyy. Y’all. Smudges everywhere. Grease and oil buildup galore. (We all know you’re scrolling through Instagram while pooping. Don’t lie.)


So naturally, the lens is going to get gross, which leads to hazy, blurry photos. The easiest solution??


Use your shirt and clean the front selfie lens and the back camera lens. Be oh, so gentle when cleaning it off. And pat yourself on the back…your photos will instantly look better with the smallest amount of effort possible. 

Before cleaning the nasty smudgy lens
After cleaning the nasty smudgy lens

You’re welcome. Happy Thursday.


Till next time.



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