Y’all, I’ll be straight with you. I started a VLOG. And it’s allllllll about branding and photography for business owners.


Here’s my first episode where I pretty much just discuss where I’m hoping to go with this vlog and what branding means to your business. Obviously, I want to keep the videos short and helpful so you can actually use some of this information to develop your brand and effectively communicate what you’re all about…ideally through photography. 😉


Of course, there are a bajillion different ways to market your business, but we are in the digital age. ESPECIALLY, amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. Now more than ever your digital presence means everything to your business.


So ask yourself a few questions here…


How are you showing up online? Where do you show up to talk to your customers? What do your customers think about you, your business, and your product? And what do they say about you when you leave the room?


All of the answers to these questions above are what make up your brand. 


So then the question remains…is your brand reality aligned with your brand ideality? 


And if not, where is the disconnect?


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I’m not promising all of the answers. I’m not perfect. But I’ll show up, keep showing up, and share everything I know to be helpful so we can all live in our purpose and create a business worth bragging about.


No one said we have to do it alone. So let’s get there together.





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