Howdy y’all!

So this is a little video from back during Christmas time…as you can tell with my xmas tree up. BUT, have no fear. It has nothing to do with Christmas. 


It’s all about windows, light, and making the best photo in a low light situation.

Here’s how it went down.

I was having my morning coffee thinking this: “Gahhhhhhh, my apartment is so dark.” 


“I mean who plans out a building in a corner with NO sunlight?!?!?!?!” (Of course, yes, I get that they are optimizing for space, someone has to get that spot, I live a lucky life and all of that jazz. Yes, I know. But still…)


“How did I end up with an entire wall of windows that are fucking useless?!?!?”


“How am I supposed to take photos for my online business in a place like this that has zero natural light?!?

Humph. Arggggh. At this point, I’m starting to sweat.

To remind you, I’m a photographer. Duh. I love light. If it’s between popping a flash on my camera or just using a window…I’m ALWAYS going to choose the window. It’s not because I can’t use the flash. it’s because I don’t want to. 

Light is where I feel the most creative. Like there’s space. And possibility. And air. It’s my happy place, ok?!


So when I sit in my apartment thinking about how I ended up with an place with minimal light, I get a little frustrated.


Until I started thinking about it this way…if I were actually getting paid to take this photo and this apartment was a client’s apartment, what would I do?


Here’s your chance Madison; put on your little photographer hat and make a damn photo. How would you set it up? Where would you shoot? And what kind of results can you realistically get?


In my caffeinated rage, I forgot one of the most important photography points there is.


Light is light. And when you have quality light, you can make a photo.


Sure it might not be a super bright shot, but it’s also not going to look like dog shit either. 


As business owners, sometimes, this is what we’re working with. A small room with small amounts of light. But don’t worry. We can work with that. 


This video is around 5 minutes, and it shows you my thought process in being by the windows, how I set up the shot, focusing when I am not behind the camera, and the actual camera settings and photo results. 

Are you trying to make your own shots next to a window? Where are you getting stuck? Email me your questions at Happy to help! 


Till next time, peeps.




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