In this time of panic and Corona craziness, I will not lie to you. It’s been hard.

Hard to show up, hard to put on a smile and make small talk, and hard to support other small businesses financially when mine is struggling too. 


I’ll admit. I’m in a weird transition mode from being a 100% photographer in Memphis to moving to Denver and working on building up this online business (cough cough online courses coming cough), but it isn’t quite there yet. I’ve been in a weird limbo of working “on the business” and learning so much online marketing but not getting paid and then having little side gigs here and there that actually pay the bills.


But then corona happened, and now my business has fully stopped. No more side gigs. And yes, I’m very lucky that my husband is still able to work from home. And yes, I can take photos of people in their house, on their porch, hanging out of a window – all the things. But I have asthma, and as much as I hate to admit wimpiness, I am scared of getting the “Rona”…especially when the flu knocked me on my ass just last month. That mixed in with the shelter in place laws, I just don’t feel comfortable risking it. 


Buttttttt, here’s what I’ve been actively working on so you don’t think I’m a total loaf.

1. This blog post. Tada! Yes, this shit takes time to sit down and write. And be creative. And gather my thoughts in a way that is semi-followable. This one in particular…while maybe not the butterflies and rainbows we were all hoping for (I mean, cut me some slack – we’re in a global pandemic)…has some important stuff in it. Keep on reading!

2. Facebook posts and an upcoming challenge for my private Facebook group called, Branding Through Photography. I HIGHLY recommend (sure, I might be biased) checking it out for all of my business owner buddies out there needing help with photos. It’s free, and I’m working on building a community of awesome.

3. I’m in the process of uploading some images to my website which ARE FOR SALE prints or digitals. More on that later. Keep you posted! 

4. Annnnnd, If you would like to order any prints from past sessions, I’m running deals until April 30th! Premium printing from professional labs on archival paper for 50% off. Just go to your gallery and type in CORONA50 for the discount. (Free retouching for canvases!)

 – As a side note, I mentioned this on my portrait Instagram page, but I’m also offering some free “collage” building. 😀 😀 😀 I made two rather large collages from my wedding photos that I thought were really cool with one of my design softwares. I thought they were fun, and I’m offering that service to y’all fo free! No, you DO NOT have to buy prints or canvases or anything from me. I’m just happy to see y’all print your pics! #powerofprint. Here are a few photos of my collages. 

Here’s the software design.

And then here’s the in person! Pretty cool, in my opinion!

Software version of collage 2…

In person version of collage 2!

Now, for all of the businesses that I cannot support financially right now: how can I help? Email me.


Do you want reviews? Engagement on social media posts? Ideas for posting in general? Feedback on a product or service or messaging? A brand audit? A strategy call on where your brand is, where you want it to go, and how to get it there? Help with taking photos for your business? Someone to read over your blogs? Someone to call and complain to? Someone to ask random website questions to?? (Look, I ain’t a genius, but I get the job done…)


I’ve got your back. My email is and my instagram is @madison_yen. Please contact me.


I know that it doesn’t help with cash flow (though we can definitely set up a time to discuss quick ways to get that going) but it’s what I got right now. And I am MORE than happy to give. Us small businesses have to stick together! We’re in tough times, but I want you to remember that you’re not alone. I’ve had good days, bad days, whatever days…hell, I had two hot dogs today if that gives you any indication of where I’m at now. No one is getting through this unscathed – financially, physically, or emotionally.

So instead of bitching about it all day long (like I’ve been wanting and possiblyyyyy doing) how can we make this time that we have hanging at home less painful, more productive, and dare I say…positive?


Until next time peeps.




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