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Life in Focus: Trapped

You know that "trapped" feeling?   That OH DEAR GOD - I HAVE NO ESCAPE ROUTE, NO PLAN B feeling that makes your palms instantly sweat and a wave of nausea sets in is what I'm talking about. Then for me, I take it a step further and my brain starts catastrophizing the...

Memphis Wedding Photography: Ryan and Chandler

Memphis Wedding Photography: Ryan and Chandler

Wooooooohoooooooooo!!! It's Friday, y'all!!! And I am so stinkin' excited to FINALLY show you this super sweet wedding from forever ago. I loved loved loved shooting Ryan and Chandler's wedding day! Their décor was out of this world, and their schedule for the wedding...

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  • Are y’all tired of christmas photos yet, because I’m not!!!!!! .
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  • Have I mentioned HOW much I love Christmas minis?!? .
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  • Tell me this isn’t the cutest kid you’ve ever seen putting little ornaments on the tree. Gah, Christmas minis melt my heart. I’m offering only TWO days of mini sessions this year on November 2nd and 3rd! Nov 2nd will be at the tree farm, a classic spot for Christmas photos! Here, it’s all about the green. Beautiful trees, gorgeous lighting...simple and amazingly elegant! The 3rd will be in the woods at an adorable little white cabin with a red door, as if it were always meant for Christmas photos. That one will be featuring lifestyle Christmas photos where you get to show off your family home life and the best parts of Christmas traditions. I would describe it as #pinterestperfect . I’m hosting a little live Q & A today at 3pm central time. Send me your questions/hesitations and I can address them on the video! As always, these sessions are for YOU, and I want to make sure we get the BEST possible photos of you and your family! Whatcha got??
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  • Doin a little jig for these Xmas minis on November 2nd and 3rd! Grab your spot today!! Link in profile for the deets!!
  • Are you ready for Christmas minis??!! We are shooting on November 2nd at the Merry Christmas Tree Farm, and it’s gonna be gorgeous! 15 minute sessions are $175+tax and 30 min sessions are $275+tax. Past mini-ers and wedding clients get a 10% off discount! Link on profile to book your spot today!!
  • Christmas mini info is up on the site!! Check it out! I’m super pumped for the lifestyle Christmas photos in a cute cabin!! https://madisonyen.com/christmas-minis

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